Spent the weekend meandering, hiking and painting! And I am feeling much like a magpie during my woodsy walks…

Collected more rose-printed chards of old teacups and saucers, pinecones and rosehips for inspiration. Yum and I found some old books for a dime each that are already cut up to shreads! Yesterday we had a bit of a snow squall and the mountains in the morning sunlight were glowing with frostiness. Mmm…winter inspiration is tops.

5 replies on “wandering”

  1. A magpie with a creative soul! I love the blue background too… Where do you live, that you can find such delightful chards? The moss under the trees, and soft fog, is so dreamy – very faery like!!!

    1. the area where I live was farmland…with lots of areas where the oldtimers dumped their trash I am guessing…theres a brook and pieces of the chards that line it’s banks. They come up out of the ground after the rain!

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