Of spooky nights and hayrides at twilight

Photos taken by moonlight. I was some sort of a doll on Sunday night, I think. I do love this time of the year more than any other. Its a real bummer that Halloween is on a Wednesday night this year. So why not get dressed up early?

As silly as they may seem I still love hayrides. My very first on was at my cousin’s Halloween party on the farm. The whole family piled into the hay wagon and away we went down the dusty dirt road! I think I was dressed as Holly Hobbie (or Strawberry Shortcake maybe? All I know is that it involved a bonnet!). I am desperate to find some photos of that event.

Tell me, what are YOU going to be for Halloween? I would love to hear about your dress-ups!

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  1. Oh my! Where ever did you find those stockings?!? They are absolutely incredible! I was actually thinking of dressing up as a doll as well…But perhaps a rather unpleasant doll…

    1. Thanks so much! I bought them in NY, actually at a stocking store in Penn Station. They were pricey, but I’ve worn them lots and no runs yet! (fingers crossed) The store has the best printed stockings ever….a whole wall full of them!

  2. I fall in love with those stockings everytime you wear them. They’ll just to wonderful.

    My two daughters wanted to be princess and have decided that I must be the Queen then. And who am I to disappoint them. heehee I made their costumes already and have enough fabric left that I’m going to make myself a dress to wear. Now All I have to do is convince their dad he has to be our King. LOL

  3. Your doll outfit is great!! Did you thrift the dress? It’s beautiful!!
    I dressed up Saturday night and led a ritual for a pagan group I’m a part of. I was a witch of course, ;). I wore black and orange socks with my Mary Jane pumps, but since it was outside, I had to wear my galoshes- flowered ones b/c it was still kind of wet out.
    Happy Halloween!

  4. Hi Sarah! That’s a great doll dress!! I was a witch for a fun gathering on Saturday and I’ll be a fairy Friday night. Happy Halloween!

  5. those images remind me of curious little film stills, and the tights are amazing, especially with those dolly shoes!
    your posts truly are like stepping into a dream world, they pull at my heart in a curious way..i think it has something to do with the nostalgic feel to the photographs you make, and of course, i grew up on a farm so the hayrides are integral to my memories there.

    i hope you enjoyed your halloween.
    my favourite time of year too, although my particular favourite woolly accessories are my never ending supply of winter hats….and long socks:)


    1. You are right-on with the wooley socks!
      I love your descriptions. This one in particular sent happy chills down my spine!
      I hope your halloween was good too! What were you?

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