little leaves

Yes indeed, the joy of searching for vintage clothes. It makes my head spin with excitement. I do need to post more of my finds….this outfit is entirely thrifted (including the tights!)

The other day I walked through a flock of blackbirds. What a joy it was to see their iridescent black feathers in contrast to the autumn leaves. When I walked past they all flew away and the sky turned completely black! Afterwards a black cat crossed my path carrying a little hunted meal. The scene was all-so-spooky and so fall-ish, I wish I had my camera.

So many happy things are happening here! I will spend the rest of the day sewing little goodies for myself, painting and working in my art journal. Going to the pumpkin patch tonight. I am going to put on a funny dress and get lost in a maze of corn. Have a happy, spooky Sunday.

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