A little bit of sewing projects

I spent a wonderous afternoon working on some paintings and sifting through little lacy bits and fragments of fabrics. Which reminded me…
I have this pile of vintage dresses, skirts and long wooley sweater coats hanging from my easel in the corner of my studio that must be tended to very soon. It consists of all my goodies from Etsy and Salvation waiting for more desirable hemlines, interesting buttons and sewn lacy brooches.

I bought the prettiest mocha caved floral buttons from The Hemline and they arrived the other day. They will be the perfect addition to a blah winter coat.

I started to bundle up my fabrics, tieing them with strands of lace and ribbon. I found these little dutch ceramic shoes somewhere in the mix, I think they would look so splendid patchworked with fabrics just like my teapot from a past giveaway

And finally, something that looks as though it needs to be sewn but no, it’s staying this way. A assymetrical, frayed chocolatey jacket on my manequin for inspiration with other goodies.

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  1. I have those little dutch shoes.. somewhere. Silghtly different pattern, and tied together with a piece of string. Gosh, now Im wondering where they are. Ive had them since I was little and Im a little upset that I dont know where they are off hand!

      1. I did find them! They were sitting on a little dresser I have behind my full length mirror. I live in a victorian house so my room is small and oddly shaped. Hardly room for such a mirror but I make it work. Things are so easily hidden or lost. So glad I found them because Ive had them my whole life, would have been a shame if they had really gone missing. I did get a teapot for Christmas that has the same blue and white pattern as they do. Kismet!

  2. Sarah, you MUST tell about that amazing birdcage print! It looks 3/d! Is it old?? Lovely! I adore your asymetrical jacket, does it fit you? And I love that you have a pile that needs tender loving, I have the same, now I am searching for time…

  3. It is a parrot print inside a 3-d half bird cage. No, it isnt old. I was actully going to alter it but never got around to it (kind of like my sewing projects, haha!) Still in the same pile as in the photo here. Yes, the jacket fits perfect! I love brown so when I see anything brown that fits and is slighty interesting I can’t resist!
    Happy New Year!

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