Monday’s Whimsy

Gosh, how did this happen? Never before was I under the spell of pink until I acquired this beautiful vintage sheet during a thrifting spree. It was a little wrinkled gem staring at me amongst a stack of shabby, faded linens. I think it was the rose motif that got me. It makes the most perfect picnic tablecloth, whimsy fit for a Monday indeed…

After purchasing the sheet in all its pinkness I stashed in away in my ceiling-high fabric stash thinking “I just wish it wasn’t pink!”. But then, yesterday I was foraging through my goodies looking for something pink to compliment a forest find and my liking for the piece of fabric was renewed.

The forest find was this, doesn’t it look like a miniature pink tree?

Full circle indeed, here is a snippet of another painting I have been working on non-stop (and hopefully ready to post tomorrow).

The trees are almost pink. More of a peachy color (as much as I try to like pink I still tend to lean more towards peach)

And another find, a ceramic calico hand…

I love disconnected hands! They look perfectly odd on my shelf, and they hold trinkets, feathers and stones. A collection has begun!

Last-but-not-least I would like to share a favorite storybook as of recent. The images by illustrator Angela Barrett are highly detailed and slightly chilling. I love how she uses neutral and greys with tiny bits of bright (think pinks and oranges) within her artwork. I was pleasantly surprised when I removed the book jacket to find this delicate design on the bookcover…

I plan to spend the rest of the day eating my raspberries and painting~

What is YOUR favorite color and why? Please do tell!

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