my cozy art abode- part one

As promised, here are some pictures of my little art room. I have a mega amount of pics to show you so I’ll post in two journal entries. Look forward to part two within the next few days!
Other good news…I have two new paintings. Unfortunately, my camera is on loan. I will take pictures of it all when it returns. Hopefully by then I will have three!
I had a nice day today. Took a walk through the woods for a few miles. Drank coffee although I like tea so much better. Changed around my inspiration table a bit. Painted!

lots of pictures below.

Partial view of the room from the doorway. I love my lantern from Victorian Trading Company.

Corner of pretty things. My vintage fabric pile now reaches the ceiling! Although I haven’t done much in the fiber department, it is still inspiring to have around. And I am still on the lookout for anything adorable.

A Kokeshi doll from the thrift shop has sparked my interest in collecting these little gals. Vintage wallpaper found while exploring (and rummaging through) the contents and rubbish of an old abandoned house.

Part of my vintage bedsheet collection. Really, they are quite lovely!

I have so many things stashed away I made these little tags to label whats-what. I have many aromatherapy oils from whole foods that I burn in a diffuser. The smell sooths whatever ails you and fills the room with loveliness.

Buttons in mason jars and tubs of odds and ends.

Sunlight through curtains. This pair is from Anthropologie and I love them so much!

I like to display my latest jewelry finds on the dressform in the corner.

Bulletin board behind the doorway with my inspirations and little snippets of victorian laces, trinkets and such.

I have so many little goodies at hand in my shoe organizer! It’s the best!

Will psot more soon! Have a happy Monday and a great week.

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