Early Morning Meadow

Sometimes being outdoors is just what I need to recharge. The other day I was quite perplexed. I literally started to entwine ivy in my hair (its better than twirling the hair around my fingers I guess).

I had this idea…I wanted to do a self-portrait photo shoot of sorts. I kept twisting and snapping, til finally the ivy vine snapped right off the plant. I was supposed to be painting, and here I was with ivy all tangled in my hair, my broken little ivy plant, some great idea! So that was that, I was off to my favorite morning spot, one that I hadn’t been to in quite awhile. It is a beautiful meadow with a large pond in the middle. In August it is blooming with all kinds of wildflowers and Purple Loosestrife (which is actually quite an evil plant as I am crushed to hear, it is so pretty). Shortly after I arrived I was completely lost in the dusy, dewy, dreamlike surrealism of the field.

I started to snap photos of all its little treasures and trinkets…

This is the largest snail shell I have ever seen! The moss was so perfect and green too. But no, I did not take it home. It stayed there to do what is does best, BE a home!

Two hours later I went home. Those two hours flew by! I felt like I was in some kind of time warp! Doesn’t this happen when one is captured by the fairies?

4 replies on “Early Morning Meadow”

  1. This sounds and looks like it was a beautiful and inspirational morning for you- I’m glad. Nature certainly recharges me as well and now I’m planning a little retreat for myself next week.
    I will post my sketch- I must darken the lines today though as I draw so lightly for my first sketch- still insecure a bit. 🙂
    The fairies stole you away a bit today, but left you happier for it. Gotta love the fairies!~*

  2. hehe, stealing away it waht they are known for! I have never heard of a fairy that was up to any good…evil they all are!
    A retreat sounds wonderful! I am sure you are anxious to get back to school…a little relaxation is sure to recharge! Speaking of….I am off for a walk now!

  3. The mushrooms are so pretty! I wish it was cooler here so walks would be bearable.

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