A new painting

Lets see, what I have been spending my time on…
I just finished my painting Ships in Bluebird Cages

I am so completely happy with it. It is much larger for me (16″ by 20″) and I am working at a slower pace. I have been longing to paint more detailed scenes as of late and this will be the first of many. Just look at these little keys dangling from the bird cages!

The painting is going to be part of a series called Something is Quite Not Right, an idea that was completely subconscious when I began. To me it deals with the innocence, simplicity and whimsy of childhood (little toy boats) and the complexities of our enviroment. Should the bewildered girl remove the ships from the cages and put the birds back in? Things still would not be right if the bluebirds were in the cages hanging from the trees. It’s sort of a catch 22 situation. I say she set the ships free AND leave the birds out of the cages! But how will she get out of her little boat thats sailing so rapidly down the stream? Her saving grace is the bluebird she holds. It really is the little things in life that bring the most happiness.

some details below…

I used snippets of antiqued art papers shaped as soft flowering hills in the forground. The final painting turned out to be far less cluttered than the initial sketch but I am still using elements from that in the next painting, which I am off to work on right now!

A print is available in my shop

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  1. Oh so beautiful! This reminds me I really need to get the pictures of the little blue boat you gave me up! I love the little keys, and the colors, and everything! Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Yes, it is the boat, isnt it? Funny, I hadnt though of that boat until I finished this painting! I guess I miss it, but I am glad that it is in a new home. Oh, and you reminded me too that it is soon time for another giveaway. Thanks so much for your comment here!

  2. Oh, Sarah!!! This is such a wonderful piece. I love the whimsy, the story, and her coat! 😉

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! Wow and you reminded me of the work of Remedios Varo too…I had forgotten about her. she seems to paint her objects and people skinny and tall…maybe thats it. I’m off to Amazon right now to see if they have any art books on her.

  3. Hi! I found your blog through livejournal. I LOVE your art! ^_^
    expecially this painting and the theme 😀 Very lovely!

  4. Oh oops! It’s Songbird913 on livejourn. I forgot the numbers 😛 Thanks! Do you mind if I add you too?

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