January Flew

I spent the evening sketching and inking and playing with composition. Now I have fifteen sketches I would like to paint! Here’s a little one I inked for fun. Inking to me is such instant gratification, I love it! Also, I wanted to try my new Koh-I-Noor pens, which I like better than Micron despite the little balls of inkynes they leave when I lift my hand off the page.
I bought another owl necklace at the thrift shop today! This one is all segmented and swings when he’s around my neck. Has anyone seen this “model” before? He is marked J.J. on the back. I also found two yards of old shamrock fabric and a pretty antique white vintage cardigan with lavender roses on it. I wish to wear more vintagey cardigans over blouses and lacey tank tops to stretch out my spring wardrobe.
I hope for snow. Each morning I peek out of the curtains only to find a slight sugary dusting. It gathers around the hills and rocks and makes my morning commute pretty though.
Today I ate a half a box of Girl Scout cookies. Mmmm…
What inspiring things do you have planned for February?

I take all kinds of notes on them.
Please excuse the smudges!

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