Yesterday I discovered the most lovely book cover. It’s weathered gray with a tamarack tree gracing the cover. I pulled it out of my vintage book pile and put it on my desk as a reminder to do something with it. As I looked down to admire the cover again there was a rainbow illuminating near the tree, shining down from a sunbeam through a crystal in the window .
So now that’s its super chilly I have been in work mode painting up a snow storm. So far I am on my second painting. It feels really great to paint little detailed scenes. The more I paint the more detailed I become, which is wonderful because it allows me to enter the painting. The theme for now is women immersed in nature in a soft color scheme. Its all very similar to the tiny work I have been creating in my moleskine, but larger and on canvas. I am working hard to get a grouping together and I wish to make prints to sell, hopefully in an etsy shop.
I wish to update this journal more…more photos!
I am painting in acrylic which I love but I have an itch to switch to oil, maybe just once. I love the smell.
I find myself working on the floor these days, in bare feet but right next to the radiator. Maybe that’s why I desire oils. Acrylics dry so fast, especially next to a heat source.
It was eight degrees today on my way to work this morning.
My head is warm at least! And yes, I took my grandma sweater off for the photo!