orange winter

I bought a necklace of yellow glass beads, a bird vase for my alter and a beautiful book… which is torn to shreds now! I’ve been painting all weeekend and I decided to integrate the pretty inner cover of the book into my painting. I scanned it before I tore it from the book. I love the texture.

I went for a long winter walk. No snow but snow white mushrooms were growing from this twig.

Beads, vase and candles.

Locket and locks.

Closeup of orange flowers on the vase

A tiny preview of my painting. Its 18 by 24 inches on canvas painted in acrylic. I haven’t worked this large in quite some time so I am so excited! I am enjoying painting little scenes within scenes. At first glance they seem like a dreamworld but if you look more carefully they are rooted in real life. I am still on the theme of human/ animal interaction and over development of the land. Thrifted/ recycled items play a big part in my inspiration and development process, and I like to use tidbits of found treasures here and there to add to the magic and wonder.

I have decided to make a series of the above painting after I finish it. I really would like to start selling/ showing my art and making prints very soon. I love painting so much and all my free time from now on is going to be spent in my studio:)


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