Let thy loveliness fade as it will…

Some of my vintage linens and lace and delicate pressed pansies with fern I pulled out of an old whimsical wooden frame this week.

Feeling quite faded myself. I am going to spend the cold cold weekend quietly working on my art. I was only able to work on one sketch this week and I wasn’t happy with the colors. Autumnal hues just aren’t my thing anymore.

Recent loveliness:

~*~*Scrimshaw and all sea pastimes- Found some beautiful designs in one of my books. Very inspiring.
~*~ Warm Wool- a nicely fitted knee length pea coat I got from the thrift shop yesterday.
~*~Old Books- a great stack of them to use in arty projects. The covers are so grand!
~*~ Baby Blue- like a robins egg, speckled with sepia
~*~ 1930’s Wallpaper-I have a roll of it I found in an abandoned house and this week I finally thought of something to do with it!
~*~Dioramas- a little different than the ones I used to construct for 3rd grade projects. I would love to construct one with my paintings.

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More from my collection:

warmth to all and have a great weekend

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