A new tiny painting in my moleskine

Dreaming of living in a little sea town….

I painted this today while waiting for the background on one of my larger paintings to dry. My layers keep getting more and more intense, the journal can barely close anymore! The complexity that I used to put into my art quilts is finally being translated into my painting, which I am ecstatic about. But the paintings will be very different…I want to paint little scenes within scenes of everyday life rich in symbolism mixed with hopes and dreams, very far from fantasy world I used to dream of. Humans and nature coexisting.
I waited… and waited, hours later it was still wet! My miracle mixture, Liquitex Ultra Matte Medium (which I use to extend my paint volume ) also extends drying time by HOURS. I still love it though.
Now I am going to spend all my time putting my creative energies into a series of works called “Land and Sea” which will consist of larger, 18 by 24 inch paintings, sculptural pieces and maybe a fiber piece too. I have never been this excited about painting before, and I owe it all to my moleskine which got me into the groove again.

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