I had an absolute surge of thrifted finds, kind gifts and great sales this past month! I just had to document it all here. Everything resides in my studio as a source of constant inspiration… and as a distraction from this wet, warm winter. I wish for frostiness:( I titled the sketch “A very wet winter”. Once again I was thinking of the suburban fox that I met last july and wondering what he was doing with himself in this horrid weather. Feeling a bit better, still very dizzy though.

some photos posted to

A find from the sal army. This bluebird planter is actually quite large and I am going to plant beautiful paperwhite bulbs in it!

My husband bought me a new pair of boots this holiday season and I just had to include them in my sketch. The leather is soooo soft and light, just like i’ve been wearing them for years. They are surely my favorite pair and I am going to wear them til they fall off my feet!

My mother-in-law gave me a lot of the most beautiful vintage jewelry! The top two bracelets are from her. They are made of bakelite.

This golden ring reminds me of the skeleton of a dried leaf. It has a royal organic feel, like the faeries crafted it.

Some more vintage brass jewelry. I am slowly building up a small collection of cameos. The cameo is a heart locket.

Little enamel rose charm. The satin in the background has such lovely coral-like shapes woven into it. It is from an old wedding dress from the 1050’s which never got sewn and sat in a dress shop until I bought it!

Pretty brass pendant.

Vintage dress form. I have been looking for one of these for ages. Although this is one of the adjustable ones it suits me just fine. I love the heathered gray fabric its made from and the base is so cool! I think i’ll display a fragile victorian lace blouse.

Ah, eye candy! On loan but I want to buy a copy for ideas. I like how they mix vintage fabrics and laces from all eras.

I hit the sales at Anthropologie and bought some beautiful things. I have been eyeing this little ornament since I saw it in their catalog this autumn.

The spiral shell is one of my favorite symbols. I found these thee in a bin at Anthro as well. They are tree ornaments but I am going to keep them out all year for inspiration.

I nearly had a heart attack when i laid my little paws on this….from Anthro as well and the sale price was fabulous! Its wool and sooooo wonderful. I will hang it all year!

And I leave you with this…


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