arty mess

I spent my three day weekend painting and relaxing. In such dreary weather I have been snug in my little room. I took a walk in the cold rain and sipped warm coffee and tea on my breaks. And just in time…It was warm and rainy, like spring:(
And now It’s suddenly very chilly and windy here, but I like it!
Just a little snapshot of the state my workspace yesterday. You can see the painting I have been working on floor, sketches on easel. I moved my computer to floor because I needed room on my desk to do my sketches and mix paint. It also helps me concentrate, as it is crazy uncomfortable being online all hunched over on floor. I really need to post photos of my studio soon, I finally have things arranged pretty and in a way I can work comfortably.
Here is a scan of things that inspire me right now. Recently I found skeletons of leaves I had pressed in an old storybook from a few years ago, and shell-like spiral fossil.

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