Happily Looking Back…

I am very, very sick and can barely move, let alone do any of my art. In between sleeping all day I was thinking about my things I did in 2006, places I visited, art I made.

My favorite store of 2006, ABC Carpet and Home in NYC. Picture taken in June. I love the color, textures and shimmery light….the store has total ambiance. So inspirational!

A few adventures of 2006 that I can recall right now in my feverish memory:

~*~Made my inspirational tables all the way through the year. Built a willowy faerie house out of sticks, moss and dried holly leaves. These tables have intensely connected me to my muse and the seasons as a whole.

~*~Sewed and sewed like an absolute madwoman! Vended my goods for the first time, sold lots! Made around 40 (yes 40!) intricately sewn and painted bags, one wall hanging this year.

~*~Continued with my walking/ running routine. Took long walks in all kinds of weather (including snow storms and downpours!) and took lots of photos of nature.

~*~Traveled 4 hours alone dressed like a faerie to attend the Spoutwood Farm Faerie Festival! Met up with friends and had a very magical time.

~*~Rediscovered my love for color and all things vintage. Started to thrift and antique shop on a weekly basis. Started to collect vintage clothes and other unique threads for my wardrobe.

~*~Continued my goal of waist-length natural hair. Groooooooow.

~*~Moved to a new place, right near Whole Foods Market! I have never eaten so healthy and organic in all my life.

~*~Got a new studio room. Set it up with all of my favorite, inspirational things. Its a lovely, cozy little space with lots of light and room to work.

~*~Went to Renegade Craft Fair, got to see my dear friend twice this year!

~*~Traveled to Maine, hiked in Acadia, the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Stayed in a room above a cute little cafe.

~*~Visited Boston for the first time and explored.

~*~Visited Salem again. Stayed at a quaint little b and b neighboring Nathanial Hawthorn’s The House of the Seven Gables.

~*~Traveled to Maine again a few weeks later! I love Maine!

~*~Started to rediscover my love for sketching and painting and journaling. I take my sketchbook wih me everywhere.

I am so excited about my plans for 2007 I can barely contain myself. Being sick I have been thinking of some beautifully strange ideas. I have been working on a series of 10 paintings on stretched linen for the new year to get me started. I can’t wait until I am well enough to resume creating!

brightest wishes for the new year!

peace and love,


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