I have so many things to post I can’t decide on what to show first! Well, while I’m getting the post themes figured out I decided to post a little teaser here of things to come and my my weekend eye candy.
Ah, I have been painting! I decided to start teeny-tiny and paint little birds. I was inspired by a book I found in the library called “The English Miniature”. Mine will be fashioned into necklaces. For now, here’s me standing in the moss in our backyard. Yes, I had to brighten up the painting in my hand because it was falling in the shadows. I love the 2nd piece. It was painted on ramdom newspaper and the words read “collectors and keepers”, which is the theme of my new paintings. (The word “geek” also shows through the paint on the birds body. Totally unplanned)

Lots of pictures below of all sorts of enchanting weekend stuff!

All four mini paintings. They are really small- 1/2 inch tall and 2 inches across. The holes are for the ribbon. I was going to make these to tie around my neck. I hope to put these up on my site!?!? As many of you know, I have been struggling trying to find time and patience to redo my website. What has it been, a year now?

Pumpkins in the crate at the Apple Pit…

Beautiful Victorian doll. She’s not mine. She was lounging Saturday night in her stroller on display at a restaurant and I stole a snapshot of this beauty:

Antique vanity. I spent the later half of my childhood growing up in a beautiful Colonial/ Victorian farmhouse (it was a colonial converted to a victorian 100 years ago), circa 1850. My family still lives there.

Cottage in the kitchen…

These are the windows that I was so lucky to look out of everyday. I took this picture on Saturday and it wasn’t sunny. You could image how the light shines in through the stained glass in the sunshine! The colors reflect off the wide plank floors. There are 26 of these windows in the front of the house!!!

I often used to peek through the individual stained glass to see the world outside in a different color. I chose bright red here because its currently one of my favorite colors. There’s also yellow, blue and purple glass.

Half of the dining room, view from the staircase. The wall paper is so cool…it has GIANT birds on it! I love the furniture too. The antique glass chandelier is a recent addition. I hope to share more of the house soon, as it has shaped my art and style so much. I think the room looks like a dollhouse in the picture:

On my walk on Sunday I saw this beautiful twisty, viney (poison ivy perhaps?) tree with bright orange mushrooms growing under it! They were the color of pumpkins!

I love texture. Mossy log.

Finally, I’m on a roll! More coming soon!