Peacock feather surface design finished!

This piece turned out to be just SO dimensional! On top of using the quilt batting, I stuffed each peacock feather with fluff to make it pop, then stitched like crazy with golden thread. Topped it off with green sparkle beads and sequins. Here it is- 13 1/2″ by 19″.

From this piece I have a whole bunch of new ideas. I’m going to create a few more peacock pieces inspired by this initial wall hanging, but they are going to all be quite different (hint- they include the female figure and some other surprises). This new way of working is very exciting…it gets me thinking about series and such. AND I get to PLAY with the fabric without a sketch!!! I bought peacock feathers to use as reference.

Before I embroidered and appliqued the peacock feathers on, I started with this base fabric. I made it by fusing together antique lace, satins, cottons and tulle. Layered it with paint too. I free motion stitched all over it in square spirals. So, basically, this is what it looks like UNDER the stuffed feathers.

heres a detail picture of a feather…if you look closely you can see tulle, lace, etc pressed in there.

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  1. This wall hanging is really beautiful…you were my insperation for my A-Level final piece…I look forward to seeing some more work from you =]

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