Finally some silk art…

I walk through the park, picking up this and that…inspirational little autumn treasures. Recently my abalone shell is OVERFLOWING with fall goodness. And just yesterday I bought a new, GIGANTIC one at the thrift shop. A lucky find. (The one in the picture is still my small one).

So I was inspired to recreate my alter, with all of its treasures and ambiance, on SILK!!! I am making the art in pieces, and from there I will fuse and stitch and layer (and so on…) them all together. This is going to be a HUGE piece for me (finished I am hoping for 40″ by 50″)

Heres an extremely sketchy and rough layout of the alter wall hanging. I just wanted to establish relationships and whereabouts of the objects. It was fun, and I love this step!

I draw directly on the stretched silk in pencil, looking at the fae statue for reference.

And here she is- my model!

I am going to put this aside and work on a very “royal” textile piece right now. Ohhhhh, its going to be lovely!