Just a few rennaissance faire pictures from the other weekend

I went to the NY Ren Faire and I took a few pics, mainly things (not people) for their texture. My favorite is this gypsy grotto made entirely of sticks. Just look at those velvet pillows and rusty wrought iron furniture!

I just love this face painting sign-

I was snapping a picture of the pirate gals little pet, when an enthusiastic ren faire worker posed dramatically…

They were selling this hair at a booth at the faire. I love the colors.

Look at this woman carved into a twisty tree branch! I think she was for sale. Her hair reminds me of beautiful dreads.

The theme here must be hair- but this sign was too cute. I always want to buy one of these garlands (made of dried flowers and ribbon) but my crown is always occupied with other goodies.

Like this twisty thing I bought for MY hair. I love it!

And finally, heres a really pretty copper (I think) fountain of a faerie. I love the hair here as well!