mother’s day, birthday

Went painting pottery on my birthday. I am pretty happy with this one, considering I was holding my little one in one arm and painting with the other (something I will not attempt again). It was good until the end, the glaze did some strange speckle thing in the kiln but oh well, it’s my first and I’m sure not my last.

So happy because the end of April till the beginning of May are celebratory times for me! A beautiful orchid for my birthday, lunch at my favorite restaurant and cupcakes (sans Little One). My first mothers day brought more flowers (the darkest blood-red roses I have ever seen) another favorite restaurant and a giant red velvet cupcake (Little One joined us this time). Long walks were had on both days. Kitty stayed home and guarded the orchid.

A very beautiful Mother’s day to all moms!

fyi my comment section on my blog is doing a strange thing I can not fix. I like to reply here but sometimes it won’t let me, or it puts my reply at the end which is very confusing. So sorry! Thanks so much for all your comments!

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  1. happy mother’s day, Sarah! So glad you had a good one 🙂 that plate is amazing! I see you’ve got the ceramics bug too 🙂 its addicting! I love the quickness of it, although sometimes I miss the comfort of being able to create a mood and look with layers. This platter is SO adorable! cant wait to see more!

  2. First, Happy belated Birthday, Sarah! And Happy Mother’s Day! Yes, this has been a good time of year for you. Hope the rest of the year is just as good or even better! Your painting on the platter looks wonderful. I think you may be onto something new here…when should we expect these to arrive in your shop? And those orchids are so pretty. It’s neat how the petals look paint splattered. Like Alice and the Queen of Hearts took their brushes and paint out into the garden.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day (belated) to You!! This new work is stunning in it’s simplicity and grace! (And I adore the polka dots, as well) : ) And done while holding your wee one!! My goodness me!! : )

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