locket and tin giveaway

I am so excited to offer this little treat to one lucky reader! It features my artwork…it’s a

And the exciting part is it has two parts! A vintage locket tied with a snippet of antique calico (adorned inside with little bits from my painting Honeybee Stories.) AND a sweet silver-toned vintage tin to match (with art also from Honeybee Stories.)

The inside of the tin contains the bee snippet clue from my last post.

To win my locket and tin, all you have to do is leave a comment here recalling your favorite spring memory. Yes, I have spring on my mind! And honeybees remind me of lush gardens, daisies and the smell of earth. Your memory can be about gardening, walking through the meadows, spotting little birds eggs, love…anything! On Friday, February 26th I will pull one random winner from my bonnet. Please, please leave a working email as well! PARTICIPANTS WHO DO NOT LEAVE A LINK TO THEIR EMAIL WILL NOT BE ENTERED IN THIS GIVEAWAY! Also, comments that are posted on the wrong entry (my “leave a comment” is UNDER the title at the beginning of the post, not at the end of the post) will not qualify.

Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing about SPRING!! The complete Honeybee Stories painting can be viewed in my shop.

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  1. Spring has always been my favourite season, so its hard to pick one memory, but I think if I did it would be something to do with the flowers in my childhood yard. We had a massive old cherry tree that was about 3 stories high, and it had clouds of plush pink blossoms all over it in the spring time. When they started to fall, it was like pink snow everywhere. I also had my own wee little flower garden along an old rock wall, with purple primroses and crocus, and I always loved playing in it with my dolls, pretending they were fairies from my flower fairy books. I can still picture it now, and the magical feeling it gave me.

    I love this giveaway too, it reminds me of the crowds of bees around the fruit trees in spring, and my grandmothers’ and great-aunts’ embroideries. Thanks!

  2. I remember one spring, waking up to the warm sun shining on my face. I am not a morning person at all but this time it was a very slow and gentle nudge to get my eyes open. I felt basked by sunlight and just felt so at peace. I have a window by my bed and I just looked out and listened to the birds who have come back, while letting in the crisp spring air which reminded me that the frost has not gone but soon there would be green everywhere.

  3. One spring memory I have is the first one I was in Missouri (after southern texas), and winter was awful – real snow! and then spring came and I could not believe how green and flowery everything was. Totally made winter worth it.

  4. My favorite Spring memory would be when I went to my grandparent’s beach house in Bucerias, Mexico. I can’t say I was in complete culture shock, but it really made me reflect on how much we take things for granted.
    Yet, even then it was so beautiful there. The artwork, the music, all the buildings with flowers and vines crawling on them. So scenic, that area.

  5. In college I would wonder aimlessly around the campus after midterms or finals. Spring time was always the best because no matter how things went, the walk back home through campus, seeing all of the beautiful flowers and the green grass while breathing in the fresh smell of the ocean in the spring was always a true TREAT. cheesy i know

  6. Lovely blog – lovely giveaway!

    My birthday is in Spring and freesia are my favourite flowers.
    My favourite Spring memory is waking on the morning of my birthday to the delicious scent of freesias which my mother had picked from the garden that morning and placed in a vase by my bedside.

  7. My favorite spring memory is planting flower in front of my then boyfriends front yard and then when they bloomed he proposed to me.

  8. my favorite spring memory is when i was young and just wandering around outside in the woods and getting some fresh air after being cooped up for so many months! i still remember how it felt…


  9. My favorite time in the spring is when my lavender plants start budding. I usually see the first bee in late April trying (sometimes in vain) to get the pollen. Two months later my yard is filled with gorgeous lavender scent and a ton of bees… which I love!


  10. I have never experienced Spring in Singapore where it’s practically summer all the time. But i imagine spring would be like when i was young chasing my kid bro with a hose getting us all wet, getting yelled at by mom and eating pastel colored ice-cream afterwards.


  11. Well my birthday is in the spring, so I have many wonderful days to choose from. Once though, when I turned 8, I decided I wanted to have a picnic. My mom made little egg salad sandwiches with no crusts and packed some strawberries and we went to the park and ate in the lovely outside. Then after we went out for ice cream and it was just a beautiful afternoon.

  12. Spring in Australia means Christmas (and the holidays) are near ๐Ÿ™‚
    my favourite spring memory is the party i had with my closest friends in the local public gardens. the property was left to the public by a late resident of the area, as she wanted a place where her neighbours could relax and enjoy the beautiful Australian flora. We all wore floral dresses and ate lamingtons on the grass…such fun!

  13. I love watching the daffodils bloom. They’re such happy flowers and yellow is definitely one of the most cheerful springtime colors. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. These are utterly adorable!
    My favorite spring memory is also a tradition. It was started in my teens and has continued on: every year, I buy a blue hyacinth and place it next to my bed, so I can breathe in it’s heady scent as I settle in for bed. My mom started this in my teens and I like to continue it on.

  15. I love the apple blossoms in my grandparents’ apple orchard. I go there every spring just to drink in the scent and adore the beautiful blossoms!

  16. my favorite spring memory was happening upon a bush bursting with tiny red berries. as i walked closer, i realized they were moving… adjusting my eyes i noticed these were not berries at all, but hundreds, possibly thousands of ladybugs. and they were all mating. ever since that day i have felt a strange connection to ladybugs, and this was about 20 years ago…

  17. How CA UTE!!!!!!!!!! I wanna win!!!

    What I love most about Spring…well, my Bradford Pear Trees look like giant q tips in my backyard with the thousands of whilte flowers that pop out when Spring rolls in (course, we just lost half of one of the trees 2 weeks ago with the GREAT TEXAS SNOWSTORM of 2010—very sad for all my tress). And I love when the hubbs starts mowing the grass again (makes me sneeze to high heaven, but you can’t beat the smell of fresh mowed grass.)


  18. wauw, this necklace is truly amazing! The winner will be very lucky!
    I’ll just share my favorite first-day-of-summer-memory…
    i met my boyfriend on the last day of spring two years ago. We talked on the internet and without ever having seen eachother we decided to take the train and go to Paris together. So we met on the train platform on a bright sunny day, both really nervous and a little shy. In the evening, while walking under the Eiffeltower, he kissed me for the very first time. We’ve been together for almost two years now.

    enjoy spring coming up and keep up the lovely blog!

  19. I loved it as a child when the first lambs were born on our farm…then we really knew that spring was around the corner. They had so much energy and would literally bounce in the fields on their spindly legs!

  20. I love the locket!

    One of my favorite recent spring memories was last year. After a long winter of being cooped up inside with a two year old we were finally set free. We were able to go to the playground and on walks and just breath in the fresh air. It was awesome to see my little girl discovering spring. Especially the blossoms on the trees. I love the blossoms. I can’t wait!!

  21. In college we’d have “Street Painting” every April where we’d literally go out and paint murals on a street. We’d get more paint on ourselves than on the street! It’s not a very romantic memory but SO much fun!

  22. my favorite spring memory is a bit of an annual event! taking my boys to the local park and walking by the river in search of wildflowers! melissa is hebrew for honeybee….fingers crossed!

  23. I can imagine that my favorite spring memory will occur this spring. I’m due to have my second child in a month and my daughter (2 years old) loves to be outside. I’m looking forward to taking them both to the park all the time! My son won’t really be able to consciously enjoy it, but it will be nice to be out with my complete family (when my husband can go, too)!

  24. Really? You are giving this away ? What a prize! So beautiful.

    My favorite spring memory is when my 6 year old was born in April. Every morning I would swaddle her up in a pale yellow flannel blanket and walk her all around the yard, telling her about the plants, the buds, the sounds, the smells. Then we’d sit on the back porch and just relax and enjoy. I kept that yellow flannel blanket.

    gracescotkeith at hotmail dot com

  25. That is an amazing giveaway. (:

    My spring memories.. Let’s see.. I remember long spring walks with my grandma, picking mushrooms in the forest and celebrate finding each one of them.. <3

    Yeah I love spring too. (:

    (My mail: pavlic.nusa@gmail.com)

  26. My favorite spring memory is going up into the mountains with my sister and my grandma and picking wild flowers and plants, which she would later cook up for dinner! She made some interesting stuff for us to eat…they were all edible and tasty, though:)

  27. Let start by saying I love your pictures. They are so artistic! They really pull the eye toward your shop. And the locket and tin are so cute, great job. I am not a gardener at all and one spring day I was with my brother who was about 4 walking in the yard and he could name off all the plants that we came to. Then one flower was lopsided and he know how to correctly fix it. I was amazed that this kid knew what he was doing and was correct! Crazy boy…ambrerose(!at)aol.com

  28. My favorite spring memory has alway been the one where my siblihgs and myself are all dressed up and running around the front yard. We all have baskets and are looking for eggs. To me, this memory has always been the one I file under “The Age of Innocence.” It has been frozen in time.

  29. What a lovely blog & what inspiring lockets! Well my favourite Springtime memory belongs to many many years ago when, upon my insistence, mother convinced my father to take us off to the country for a picnic. We went to this new seaside place I’d never been to before & I was staggered at the beauty of the sea and the waves from what looked like cliffs to me. years later, when I revisited the site, I recognised it immediately and realised it had all looked so huge and overwhelming to me because I had been so very little.

  30. My favorite spring memory is my little one all dressed up in a fancy Easter dress for her preschool graduation and standing outside in front of my Iris’s for a picture.

  31. Now I’m in the mood for spring as well! My favorite springtime memory come from sophomore year in college. After a very rainy winter one day I woke up and found the clouds had blown away and the sun was shining. Everyone caught spring fever: professors opened classroom windows, students took their books and blankets outside for studying on the quad and impromptu games of frisbee and soccer sprang up. For that one afternoon everyone seemed to take a break from the stress of school to just live in the moment and soak up the spring sunshine.

  32. wow that is soo adorable. I love bee’s….we use honey from our local farm in our tea each day…
    Could we get that cute jacket tooo? hehe so cute!
    My favoite spring memory is my Grandma Jeannes home on Easter she would create these amazing we would say UPcycled goodies….a bleach bottle cute out to be a bunny decorated with clear plastic squares like you would with pencil and tissue.. to be his fur…I don’t think I wanted to hunt for eggs that year I just kept petting the bunny. HEHE
    THanks for this sweet memory recall! Fun times
    theharris6family at verizon (dot) net

  33. Lovely! Thanks for the chance.

    My favorite spring memory is hunting for mushrooms with my grandfather.

  34. That locket is beautiful! It reminds me of my best friend and I would definitely suprise her with it if I won! My favorite recollection about spring is that feeilng I get on the first spring bike ride every year. My lungs open up, the sun shines, and I just feel amazingly calm and happy!

  35. I love the locket and love bees…. I use bee products for health all the time!

    My favorite spring memory is taking my kids on the golf course (where we live) to see all the animals and fishing in the pond on hole 17! Truly springtime!

  36. One of my favorite memories of spring is my nature walks I used to take with my friend Katie. Once the flowers started to bloom we would both grab our cameras and go for long walks taking pictures of everything. It was a really special thing we did together and I will always cherish that.

    newlywades at rocketmail dot com


    Every year-starting about now I love love love when daylight lingers around just a little bit longer. The creeping in of Spring is one of my favorite times of the year.

    If I have to pick a memory of Spring it would be taking my pup to dog beach and finally seeing her swim…granted the water is still freezing but she jumped right in and loved it.

    I hope this is the right place to post for winning the locket….first time on the bloggiveaways site.

  38. My favorite spring moment is being outside with my cousin on her roof late at night ( 2am) it not too cold, not to hot. Just sittin there talking about our childhood and growing up.

  39. My favorite spring memory is the day I graduated from college. It was a day to look ahead to the future and say good bye to great friends.

  40. My favorite spring memory is taking my bike out for the first time and enjoying the sun on my face and the burn in my legs!

    katiecitrowske at hotmail dot com

  41. My favorite spring memory is that when we were performing on the stage of a pub with my band. It was fun!

  42. My favorite Spring memory is when I used to have a little dove that I rescued after she fill of a tree. She became like my friend, standing over my shoulder all the time.
    monamhassan at hotmail dot com

  43. Hi! First of all, the locket you are giving away is very beautiful.

    My favorite spring memory is when I was little and around my parents house grew all sorts of colors of tulips and I could smell the lilacs from my mother’s lilac bush. The bush now doesn’t grow flowers right because of being frost bit. I also enjoyed seeing the daffodils and jonquils in bloom as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Excellent giveaway…thank you for doing this.

  44. My favourite spring memory is going to my friends farm and seeing all the newborn spring babies goats,lambs,bunnies.Thanks fingers crossed. Helen

  45. My favourite spring memory is when I was little and obsessed with looking for four-leaf clovers. Whenever I saw a field of clovers I just had to look for one. I searched a looong time, day after day, without actually finding one but I was too stubborn to quit. I think my dad thought it was a little sad when I went searching for like the twentieth time without any luck, because one day he decided to help me search. I still have the two four-leaf clovers we found that day after hours of searching, he told me to save them in my favourite book, and that’s where they are.

  46. Pretty locket. I love that as it’s worn, the bee inside is like a cute little secret.

    The first beginning of Spring memory that comes to my mind is a couple of years back. Our home schooling family has a “quiet hour” and I usually spend it in my room, getting a rare moment by myself. But early in March we had a glorious week of sun, after months of cold, dreariness, and rain. So I spent each day’s quiet hour on my back patio, reading in the sun, and got my earliest sun tan ever. A simple pleasure. That time of year is right around the corner!

    aschertle at yahoo dot com

  47. My favorite spring memory is of playing outside on my swingset with my little brother. I was 7 and he was 5 and we had just been to the circus. We were reenacting what we saw at the circus high up on the monkey bars and were just enjoying each others company. Sibling rivalry went by the wayside that day.

    I’m really excited about this giveaway!

  48. So pretty!!

    My favorite thing about spring is the waiting and waiting for my tulips and daffodils to bloom! I LOVE them! And my son always picks them because he thinks they are beautiful too…even though he’s told not to ๐Ÿ™‚ But they look pretty in my house in a vase too!

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