locket and tin giveaway

I am so excited to offer this little treat to one lucky reader! It features my artwork…it’s a

And the exciting part is it has two parts! A vintage locket tied with a snippet of antique calico (adorned inside with little bits from my painting Honeybee Stories.) AND a sweet silver-toned vintage tin to match (with art also from Honeybee Stories.)

The inside of the tin contains the bee snippet clue from my last post.

To win my locket and tin, all you have to do is leave a comment here recalling your favorite spring memory. Yes, I have spring on my mind! And honeybees remind me of lush gardens, daisies and the smell of earth. Your memory can be about gardening, walking through the meadows, spotting little birds eggs, love…anything! On Friday, February 26th I will pull one random winner from my bonnet. Please, please leave a working email as well! PARTICIPANTS WHO DO NOT LEAVE A LINK TO THEIR EMAIL WILL NOT BE ENTERED IN THIS GIVEAWAY! Also, comments that are posted on the wrong entry (my “leave a comment” is UNDER the title at the beginning of the post, not at the end of the post) will not qualify.

Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing about SPRING!! The complete Honeybee Stories painting can be viewed in my shop.

151 replies on “locket and tin giveaway”

  1. These are lovely! Thanks for the giveaway!

    My favorite spring memory – the feel and smell of the air, sticking my hands into the warm dirt and dreaming of a garden, feeling the sun and actually being warmed by it, little flowers poking their heads up through what’s left of the snow or brown grass, etc. Love it… and can’t wait for it this year!

  2. My favorite spring memory was attending the Cherry Blossom festival in Washington, D.C. The weather was a perfect, sunny 70 degrees and the cherry blossoms and magnolia trees were breath-taking.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. First spring with the boy during our last year of grad school – lots of afternoons in the park on a blanket reading children’s books. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  4. My favorite spring memory is gardening with my grandma. Would would spend countless morning in the garden, then she would make homemade lemonade and a special lunch. I love spring.

  5. My favorite spring memory was sitting under a blossoming cherry tree with my one year old daughter. She was sitting on a blanket because at the time, she was so fearful of the grass.

  6. Very cute locket! I’ve actually been stung quite a few times by bees, but the locket is still very cute.

    My favorite spring memory could have taken place during any season, I suppose, but my friends threw me a surprise party in the park last year for my birthday. It was so fun, and we picnicked and had a marvelous time.

  7. my spring memory is the easter egg hunts we held every spring for my girls and now my grandkids, and watching the littlest ones tip toe through the grass!

  8. I adore your work! Blessings!

    My favorite spring memory is driving thru Santa Fe New Mexico in the early 70’s when lilacs were everywhere and the top was down. I was truly intoxicated by the heady lilac perfume.

  9. I remember when I lived in WA state, and how green everything would get in April as spring came in. The California Poppies would be a beautiful bright orange contrast with the green of the grass and the trees in their new leaves.

  10. When I was a girl we lived in New York City, and I would take the bus home from school. I remember the walk home from the bus stop. Even though it was the city, there was one little garden plot, where every spring crocuses would pop their little purple heads through the snow and signal the warmer days to come. My sister and I would race home to be first to tell our mother that Spring had officially arrived.

  11. I love lockets!!!! and i think this is the cutest one ever! reminds me of spring ๐Ÿ™‚ i would love to win this..

    my favorite spring memory:
    Is when i got my rabbit pierre the first day of spring 3 years ago. I will always remember the cuute little baby bunny i got from a yard sale for a couple dollars. He recently passed a couple months ago from getting sick . My besst spring memory ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. What a cute locket!!!!! I loooove it! Hope I win!

    My favorite spring memory is going to d.c. when I was a kid and seeing all of the the beautiful trees that have just bloomed! It is sooo gorgeous! We would go just to see them! …and while we were there we frequented the museums! And of course all the monuments! I looved going! Maybe I’ll take my daughter this year!! What a great idea!!
    Thanks sooo much!
    Hope I win!

  13. I think my favorite thing about spring is when it finally get’s warm enough to go to the beach and bring along a bathing suit. I grew up in the Bay Area and it is a common misconception that it is boiling year round. I love that first day when you can don a bikini and shorts and bring a delicious picnic out to the beach with friends and really soak up the sun. God I am right there with you looking forward to spring. Being thousands of miles from home in still very cold London I would like nothing better than a huge dosage of vitamin D right about now!
    Here’s to warmer weather ahead!

  14. … my favorite spring melod- i mean, memory?

    Probably the springs of my youth. Spangles of sunlight, watching the world turn green under the azure sky. cherry blossom walks while holding the hand of the boy I secretly danced for, the walks in the park. Long lengths of time suspended in air on the swings, letting the momentum fling my imagination on a flight to freedom over the fences around us.

    One particular sunny day, we went for a walk in pairs. The rope that held our line together brushed roughly against the calluses on my hand from the monkey bars. We passed by a yard abloom with dandelions and their puffy offspring , and all us kids immediately rushed into these, yelling and getting fluffy bits stuck in our hair and clothes.
    It was fun.

    Good luck, everyone!

  15. … my favorite spring moment….

    Living in Williamstown Canada my favorite spring moment is always waiting to see my first robin of the season. Once the robins appear it is not long after that that the snow starts to melt and buds start to bloom. So it is with great anticipation that I wait, hopefully by the end of March, they will be singing by my back door.

    Thanks for all you inspiration!!

  16. sneaking out at dawn in my nightgown, barefoot, when I was very small to collect wishes (dandelions in their seed phase) and mustard weed for my sleeping momma and papa. so quiet except for the birds.

  17. My favorite spring memory is celebrating my husband’s birthday, which is March 21, and listening to the Rite of Spring by Stravinsky while skiing the slopes of Sunshine in BC/Alberta.

  18. This is beautiful and and so enjoy your posts. I L-L-LOVE it when it gets warm enough to _enjoy_ and play in a spring rain. About once a year, it’s a tradition.

  19. When my daughter was a little under a year old and just starting to say a few words, we were taking a lovely (and wobbly!) Spring walk around our local pond. I was in awe as she discovered her new world with all the wonder of Spring bursting around her. She would run from one fresh flower to another, stopping to smell each and every one. As we rounded a corner a mother duck and her 10 little fluffy ducklings waddled out in front of us and my little duckling squealed with delight! It was truly magical and for the first time in a long time, I realized how wonderful our changing world really is.

  20. What a lovely locket. I’m charmed.

    My favourite spring memory is from when I was a child, bounding in fields of wildflowers. The sun on my back, the smell of flowers everywhere… and the silence. I felt like I was weightless and could run across the world.

  21. Season’s do not change much here, but Spring is just a little nippier..my favorite memories of Spring is standing out in the freshly scented air after an overnight cleansing rain, closing my eyes and lifting my face up to the soft warmth of sun peeking through the soft clouds…breathing…lightly breathing…thinking of absolutely nothing.

  22. My favorite spring memory is seeing fields of wildflowers in the hills beyond Ojai, CA – I love seeing wildflowers in the spring, esp. when they are in great profusion.

  23. me and my honey have recently moved to puerto rico, where spring has a whole new meaning! my newest favorite spring memory is moving to p.r. and eating breakfast on the porch while counting baby avocados on our tree. very cool locket! docR

  24. love love love it! so cute! my favorite moment of spring is when you get a whiff of the first flowers blooming outside. i love the “smell” of spring!


  25. Loving the bee theme!

    I love working with my husband outside in spring, especially early spring. The anticipation of watching the new seeds sprout and new plants take root is always invigorating after a long long long upsate NY winter.

  26. My favorite thing about spring is being able to run outside again. I am not die hard enough to run outside through the winter but as spring starts to bloom everything is so beautiful and I feel like it wakes me up from the lull of winter! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Wow, that is such a cute necklace. I like when things look vintage and still look classy. The little tin that it come in is adorable as well. Living here in the constant snow of the winter has made me long for the smell of spring rains and sweet little spring flowers. My daughter is just about old enough to start enjoying that with me… I’m so ready!!

  28. oh how perfectly lovely!!! I just love the anticipation that spring brings, so much hope in small seedlings and dreams of blooms and butterflies, fresh herbs and honeybees, and songbirds setting up their new nests while calling for a mate!

  29. My favorite Spring memories are of doing a big Easter party and egg hunt every year when my children were small and filled with wonder and happiness at the idea of the EASTER BUNNY!!

  30. My favorite spring memories are seeing the tulips coming up through the ground and hunting for easter eggs around the house.

    x o

  31. This locket and tin are beautiful! I love them. Just the thing for springtime… something about them reminds me of Pushing Daisies.

    My favorite springtime memory happened just before Easter one year, when my mother tried to wrangle us all into matching floral teal-and-pastel frocks for a picture… I wasn’t so fond of it going on then, I was in my early teens and wanted to do just about anything else, but looking back, standing there squirming with my two younger sisters in front of our house was actually a really loving moment. My only wish was that had appreciated it more at the time. Now that I’m living on my own, the idea of being close to them–even united by what we thought of an inconvenience–warms my heart.

    friendliestghost at gmail dot com.

  32. My favorite Springtime memory was my friend’s birthday party last year. It was Alice In Wonderland themed. We had tea in the park and had scavenger hunts and played chess like we were in preperatory school. It was beautiful.


  33. I remember going to the garden of my grandmother to see the flowers and play … I love the Spring! I was born right at the start of Spring:)

  34. My favorite spring memory is when I was a child and I would help my grandma plant her garden. Yum, strawberries later! ๐Ÿ™‚

    briejoy AT gmail DOT com

  35. Since I live in Michigan, my favorite spring memories are always the first day you can go without a coat & the first day you can take the kids to play at the park. It feels like winter is finally breaking when you can spend a few hours outside w/o frost bite!!!

  36. My favorite springtime memory is taking a walk in a local park with my best friend to sketch the arrival of spring and all the while listening to the water run down the streets from all the melting snow.

  37. Easter candy. Does that count? I love spring and it seems like spring is just around the corner when pastel color peeps appear in stores.

  38. My fave memory when Spring had Sprung was almost greeting the elusive Easter Bunny when I was still a “wee one”. Here comes Peter Cottontail up and down the bunny trail was playing on the Old Skool record player as I searched for hidden eggs. I fly around the internet alot and love “things with wings” ladybugs and bees are favourites! Thanks for this sweet chance to win this precious item.
    Good-bye, gotta ~FLY~
    Tooth Fairy

  39. lying on the grass
    feet over my head
    mountain laurel blossoms on the breeze
    laundry in the trees

    And not even caring that I was soaking wet and had to go do it all again, because the sunshower had just made rainbows on everything, and it was all grand.

  40. What a lovely locket!

    My fave spring memory is the smell of freshly cut grass and newly bloomed roses.
    My green-thumbed parents loved tending to our massive garden and we have about 10 different types of rose specifies. During spring they bloom and I love looking at the pretty colors and smelling the fragrances.

  41. We were visiting a colleagues parents in Germany and knowing that we were historical reenactors they took us to see Nuremberg. We had toured some of the major sites, medieval and WWII, including the site of the 1935 Nazi Party rally. It had been raining and dreary all day and we were standing where Hitler stood when he addressed the rally when the wind whipped thru these odd latticed metal stanchions with banners on them. The sound it made was like voices moaning or wailing in the distance-very eerie. Later as we left Albrecht Durer’s house we walked thru the city gates into the gardens around the Nuremberg Castle and the landscape went from cold and gray to almost magical. All around us the ground was strewn with the creamy petals of the Pagoda trees ringing the walks. All the gloom from the morning was lifted with this surreal view of faux snow and what sounded like little buzzing airships enjoying the respite from the incessant rain.Now whenever I think of spring or Nuremberg that’s the first image that comes to mind, that soft silky snow made from flowers ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. I may be too late but just wanted to say how pretty your locket is!

    Favorite spring memories are Easter, all 8 of us children in our Sunday best. The girls all wearing silly hats, holding on to them as wind catches them as we look for colored eggs all over the yard. In Mom’s garden carefully stepping on the rocks between the flowers only to find an egg tucked in with the daffodils รขโ„ขยฅ

  43. my favourite spring memory is my first – it was my first time in europe and had never experienced it before. i was walking to the shop with my friend, and she pointed out the daffodils that had just sprouted. it was the first time i’d seen daffies too, so i was really excited!

  44. I instanty in love with your drawing on a tin & locket…They just fit perfectly and I adore the colors you’ve chosen for the drawings…sooooo goooooddddd!

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