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I can’t even begin to say how thrilled I am about this weeks treasure hunting! I found a Davis sewing machine. And the very charming machine still purrs like a kitten!

I am in the midst of researching how to oil her. And the bobbin is very strange…it’s in a bullet-shaped casing. And the base of the machine is a wooden box covered in faux alligator paper. How completely charming everything was made back then.

Then I found all these vintage dresses and things (which I am in the process of hemming and fixing on my other machine). And a pair of black corset lace oxfords which I have been searching for forever. They fit.

And her…

I didn’t realize till later that she is a lamp! The cord is antique, it has cotton-wrapping around it so I don’t dare plug her in. I am trying to decide how to replace the peachy silk, if at all.

Illustrations by Philip Henry Gosse A History of British Sea Anemones and Corals in the found book Victorian Delights
Beautiful and inspiring use of color.

Thank you all so much for your words about my necklace!

moth theater necklace

What’s that I see?

Yes, it’s one very big skeleton key necklace that’s up in my shop right now.

Lush with light mocha velvet ribbon and a giant-crowned skeleton key. And a little bow! Textured and ready to add some magic to your fall wardrobe (or to adorn yourself in these late days of summer…)

Thank you!

some things…

I have been busy making the most fanciful necklaces to go with my newest paintings. They are constructed of giant keys, snippets of my theater paintings in cameo form and lush velvet ribbons and bows. Different from my vintage locket necklaces, and I’m so excited about them. I still need to take photos…and tomorrow one will go up in my shop.


Louise from Art and Ghosts has a newish blog called Milk Tooth which is so nice to visit. Yesterday I was visiting there and she had a post about the Humpty Dumpty Circus, a toy that I had seen at the museum in Vermont. I managed to take a little snapshot of it, it really is quite the toy!

I do appreciate this old imagery in the museum setting. Folk art or toy, there is such painstaking craftsmanship in these pieces. I still had one more set of photos to share from the museum, which has such a crazy huge collection of circus items- folk art, toys, posters. Even a 1920’s carousel.

These carved elephants were in a circus procession which included over 4,000 pieces.

There were themed carts, this on one of 100’s in the procession.

A few other things, some curtained theater imagery which has been inspiring me as of late:

This model took 40 years to complete and has over 3,500 little pieces!

And speaking of theater imagery, the other evening was spent at the breathtaking Radio City Music Hall, which is the most magical place to see Tori.

She looked mad leaning over her piano. Such a passionate artist, an amazing show that had me swooning for days.

work in progress

Creating a complimentary painting for Honeybee Stories only this time in oils just because.

Actually, I feel I can get finer detail, the paints just slide like butter and do not dry on the brush as I work. And for other reasons too, which I don’t feel like getting into. There will be many, many layers and glazes over this base. The composition is flipped, and she will have a fox instead of the fawn. It’s big with lots of little detail and it will be awhile. Now its time to put this aside to dry and sketch up some new things.

Stay cool!

a new print set

Honeybee Stories and Moth Theater

Right here in my shop!

moth theater

Hello Hello! Have been working on a bunch of things at once.

Finished this tonight…

Moth Theater
Acrylic and paper on ampersand gesso board
12 x 16 inches

Worked smaller on this one (compared to Honeybee Stories) She is surrounded by Cinnabar and Leopard Moths.

I had the prettiest antiqued repro paper laying around, creating one of those what if moments and thus, the elaborate curtains were born.

work in progress

Here’s a peek at another, slightly smaller, theater painting:

She wears a green dress and is surrounded by moths (instead of a single-file line of bumble bees).

I am off, to antique!! Have wonderful weekends!


Perfect inspiration came in the mail the other day.

Beekeeping journal from 1897.

And a detail of wallpaper, from the doll house museum at Shelburne.

Yesterday was spent taking out a yummy pile o’ art history books from the library and scouring them like mad.

Thanks to all for your sweet (and very inspiring) words about my Honeybee Theater painting as well as my foraged handful o’ green acorns. Silly, but I sometimes forget how fortunate I am to have acorns at my toes and big old oak trees above my head. They are so abundant here and it’s easy to take them for granted! So I can share their magic with you here. I will personally answer all your questions about my work very soon. For now I need to turn off the computer for a few days and totally immerse myself in my artwork. There are two more theater paintings in the works.