Perfect inspiration came in the mail the other day.

Beekeeping journal from 1897.

And a detail of wallpaper, from the doll house museum at Shelburne.

Yesterday was spent taking out a yummy pile o’ art history books from the library and scouring them like mad.

Thanks to all for your sweet (and very inspiring) words about my Honeybee Theater painting as well as my foraged handful o’ green acorns. Silly, but I sometimes forget how fortunate I am to have acorns at my toes and big old oak trees above my head. They are so abundant here and it’s easy to take them for granted! So I can share their magic with you here. I will personally answer all your questions about my work very soon. For now I need to turn off the computer for a few days and totally immerse myself in my artwork. There are two more theater paintings in the works.

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  1. As a theater major Im loving your theater works. Also, the wallpaper reminds me of my parents dining room. I must get a picture for you next time Im home. Blue with gold bees!

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