I can’t even begin to say how thrilled I am about this weeks treasure hunting! I found a Davis sewing machine. And the very charming machine still purrs like a kitten!

I am in the midst of researching how to oil her. And the bobbin is very strange…it’s in a bullet-shaped casing. And the base of the machine is a wooden box covered in faux alligator paper. How completely charming everything was made back then.

Then I found all these vintage dresses and things (which I am in the process of hemming and fixing on my other machine). And a pair of black corset lace oxfords which I have been searching for forever. They fit.

And her…

I didn’t realize till later that she is a lamp! The cord is antique, it has cotton-wrapping around it so I don’t dare plug her in. I am trying to decide how to replace the peachy silk, if at all.

Illustrations by Philip Henry Gosse A History of British Sea Anemones and Corals in the found book Victorian Delights
Beautiful and inspiring use of color.

Thank you all so much for your words about my necklace!

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  1. That’s it! You need to give thrift shop tours in your neighborhood. What finds you’ve found!!! Those shoes are wonderful, so full of character, and which I imagine suits you perfectly. And talk about character – that lamp! I’m of the mind that you should leave her tattered up, as if she’s gone on an exciting journey…which she may very well have. Somehow I can see her as she is now making it into one of your paintings.

    1. Yes! I’ve decided to leave here tattered. Not only because she looks like she has a bit of character, but I just don’t feel like dealing with fixing her. So she sits on my shelf…

      Thanks Susanna and happy September!!

  2. Oh!! What beautiful finds, indeed!! Those shoes are perfect!!!
    (covet, covet!) tee hee!!

    Is the sewing machine a food treadle or electric?
    I’m always dreaming of bringing home an ancient singer with the desk and all those dreamy drawers to hide old buttons and lace scraps in!! (If we even had room in our tiny abode for such a lovely article!) tee hee!

    Thanks for your very sweet comment to my Tasha post! : ) Your so kind!
    My feet were actually quite safe… there are blessedly few mosquitoes up here in the mountain forest….now,spiders…..another story entirely!!

  3. I can’t believe you actually found sweet shoes that fit! That almost never happens in thrifting. I love all of your treasures and I’m now inspired to go hunting myself.
    Your new necklace is very charming:)
    Enjoy your lovely NJ weather!

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