work in progress

Creating a complimentary painting for Honeybee Stories only this time in oils just because.

Actually, I feel I can get finer detail, the paints just slide like butter and do not dry on the brush as I work. And for other reasons too, which I don’t feel like getting into. There will be many, many layers and glazes over this base. The composition is flipped, and she will have a fox instead of the fawn. It’s big with lots of little detail and it will be awhile. Now its time to put this aside to dry and sketch up some new things.

Stay cool!

7 replies on “work in progress”

  1. Ah I love oils! Im sketching out a new painting right now and this one will definitely be in oil. The movement, yes, and the detail! Its incredibly satisfying in a way that acrylics are not.

  2. Hello Sarah! Your new work is just amazing. I love the earthy colors you’re using. And the deer, the bees, the moths. I just adore it all. 🙂 These are most delightful stages that I would LOVE to visit!!!

  3. So lovely! I can’t wait to see it finished!! It’s been such a long time since I’ve painted in oils, but I adore the luxuriousness of them. Nothing can match that lovely slickness of oil being painted on board. Ahhhh… Now I’m in paint dreamland. 🙂

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