yesterday was for…

doing favorite things!
you see, for me yesterday was a monumental birthday-of-sorts.

?eating giant (and totally yum) red velvet cupcakes from Crumbs.

? sitting in trees in Central Park

?eating a scrumptious lunch at my favorite veg restaurant, Candle Cafe. I had a yummy pumpkin-encrusted tofu dish with kale. Everything I’ve ever had there is so good, completely veg and so creative. And the whole place smells like wheatgrass!

?shopping for teapots at Pearl River. I will forever love that store, although I miss the old version from my college days, down on Canal Street.

?and crazy color giant bead shopping! I ended up buying an earthy green necklace made of wooden beads.

So it was a beautiful day (although I had to substitute my tights for jeans…a bit gray and chilly). But left inspired by vivid, juicy color!
Happy Earth day too!!

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