weekend at the seashore

Went to the beach for the weekend and what a blissed-out two days it has been! We walked a few miles barefoot (oh how good the warm sand felt!), collected heart-shaped pebbles and shiny shells, ate seaweed and basked in the sunshine. I love to sift through the sand while listening to the waves! Perfect for daydreaming…


I am so intensely amazed at the little beauties that wash up upon the shore.

sea glass, warm smooth stones, bits of pearlescent shells, little earthy treasures from the sea that are a joy to behold (and stash in pockets!)…

searching, wandering…

we are back from Delaware, sitting in my hot little studio now, shells and stones arranged on my shelf with nests, twigs and sea-pods.

A switch from the woods and meadow where I like to wander, I love the sea just as much. And speaking of forest floors and wildflower-laden fields (and foraging for yummy berries too) next weekend my buds and I travel down to the Fairy/ May day festival at a beautiful organic farm. I am so excited! I sit here cutting out calico hearts to patchwork onto a vintage dress for the festival.

Happy, sunny days to you all!

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  1. Oh how lucky! I’ve been wanting to go to the sea in such a long time. In truth though, I just really miss nature. Living in the city is no fun for a girl like me 🙂
    By the way, thank you very much for the nice comments you left on my blog.
    Have a nice day! (And I hope to see picture of the festival!)

    1. Oops I just commented on your pretty seashell photos w/o reading this first! I am sorry you miss the sea and nature! but if you look around there are little bits of it all over the city! and the city has such a nice vibrant energy…I miss that very much (living now in the suburbs). Its nice to have a little bit of both though.

  2. being near the ocean is indeed so great! and collecting shells and other little treasures from the seashore is such fun, and im always amazed at their beauty.

  3. Ah, the sea…how beautiful! you’re lucky. I’ve never been to the ocean…only the gulf of mexico and it was very brown 😉 that beach looks heavenly!~

    1. oh dear… brown? that sounds so awful and sad I wonder if it affects the fish and natural things that live there?!~
      I hope one day you can get to a clean beach! I only went to the shore once growing up (too far to travel) but now I frequent it quite often. Its so refreshing!

  4. Those lovely delicate flowers are called Trout Lilies–so called because of the spots on their leaves. I’ve only seen them twice in real life and refrained from picking them both times (which is unusual for me!). They just seem as if they would quickly expire in captivity.

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