a spring locket and a dreamy swamp morning

First thing, here is the promised vintage locket, now in my shop.

Please see a previous post (or the link to the listing, above) for a peek at the inside!

And, a most perfect early spring swamp morning. It has been raining all day so I really appreciate the purple-hazed sunbeams from the other morning.

I am so excited about tomorrow, we both took off and have big plans to go into NYC for a day. Day-tripping plans include going to my favorite veggie restaurant for lunch, walking around the village, doing some browsing and hunting for pretty things (I have more than a few shops in mind), fancy tea, going to The MET or art galleries (still undecided) Central Park and then dinner. I hope to post lots of pictures, and hopefully the rain drops will stop falling. I love the city in the rain but I don’t get there often enough these days to experience it all dreary and gray.

5 replies on “a spring locket and a dreamy swamp morning”

  1. hi Sarah, i just stumbled upon your blog and…….wow. Its just filled with beauty from top to bottom! You live in such an amazing place, its a place where i dream of living in……..
    and as for your art…………..it is absolutely beautiful! your lockets and your paintings are amazing and i love them so, so much!
    i will be definitely coming back here.
    I hope you have a beautiful day!

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