I am so excited about this little vintage tin and cameo necklace set I just posted in the shop.

First, the inside (comes with the cameo necklace, such sweet and very dainty embroidery it has!)

And the outside features a round mini print from my sketchbook.

The necklace looks super with any type of spring-ish blouse.

Today was the perfect day for sitting outside.

The locket featured from my last post will be in the shop soon.

Thanks for all your comments on my last post! It’s nice to hear some feedback, and I hope to post more sketchings soon!

8 replies on “treasures!”

  1. Oh it’s ever SO lovely Sarah!!

    And what a beautiful ensemble you are sporting!! I am smitten with your shoes (are they vintage??) and your pretty blouse, as well! And….I have a skirt just like this….I made it from a top (it was one of those summer tops with all the rows of elastic smocking at the bust). I love it to bits and it’s SO cozy! : ) Where ever did you find that lovely blouse and those adorable shoes?? : )

    The landscapes of your world are such Springtime magic as of late!! : )

    1. Thanks marjorie! It’s a polka dotted dress that was thrifted. ..its newish though. The shoes and shirt are from my shopping outings this early spring…
      There’s this store called Daffy’s that looks quite dreadful on first glance (you really have to search through racks of one-offs and it’s totally time consuming) but I often find neat things there! It’s a guilty pleasure I guess.

  2. Oooh, I love it! Love your shoes too 😉
    You find the prettiest treasures. Love how you framed the drawing in the lace as well. you make such charming things 🙂

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