wild by nature

Was searching online for animal stories of old and I came across this lovely, lovely old book which is online in it’s entirety full of inspiring, sweet little images.

So now stories of spiders and moles, beetles and bugs and silly nuthatches are going through my head.

I have been collecting feathers! I think I get a few new ones with every trot through the woods and field (and sometimes even in town)! At the beginning of the summer my dear little collection looked like this:

Just a few feathers (although the yellow one was quite a rare find). As soon as I receive my new camera from the postman (the faeries got a hold of my precious old one and broke it!) I will have to share! That goes for the jewelry update as well, vintagey goodness and my mini print cameos are sitting on my worktable without a camera to capture their image! So for now I leave you with my favorite things, calico quilts, feathers and ships.

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