Two sisters again, The Woodcutter’s Daughters

…visit the sea. And yes, they seem quite peaceful but there is something going on here that is not quite right. I think the red-winged blackbirds went off with just a few ships, their beaks tied up with scarlet ribbon. Off in the stormy distance you can see the line of birds as they fly away. My thats a lot of ships to take from the sea!

So here it is, The Woodcutter’s Daughters Visit the Sea

and a little detail (my favorite part!)

A print is available in my shop.

And there exists a tale called “The Woodcutter’s Daughter (singular) which I just googled. The painting is not connected to the story at all (in my mind anyway), but now I am off to see what the tale is all about! Oh, and there will be a lovely cameo ring in the shop very soon with a mini print from a painting, so please check back!

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