Two sisters again, The Woodcutter’s Daughters

…visit the sea. And yes, they seem quite peaceful but there is something going on here that is not quite right. I think the red-winged blackbirds went off with just a few ships, their beaks tied up with scarlet ribbon. Off in the stormy distance you can see the line of birds as they fly away. My thats a lot of ships to take from the sea!

So here it is, The Woodcutter’s Daughters Visit the Sea

and a little detail (my favorite part!)

A print is available in my shop.

And there exists a tale called “The Woodcutter’s Daughter (singular) which I just googled. The painting is not connected to the story at all (in my mind anyway), but now I am off to see what the tale is all about! Oh, and there will be a lovely cameo ring in the shop very soon with a mini print from a painting, so please check back!

8 replies on “Two sisters again, The Woodcutter’s Daughters”

  1. For every time you post here, you’re becoming more and more brilliant in your unique expression. Every time I visit here I get an enormous journey at any possible time. Thand you, Sarah.

  2. i fully agree with the first comment here, that you most certainly do become more brilliant with regards to unique expression. i so admire this, how you seem to break beyond the confines of what people come to expect – and this in the long run is the very essence of creative integrity.
    ok enough babble!

    i truly adore this piece, more so than ever. that slightly disturbing element, plus the sheer beauty of the seascape, colours and those elegant enigmatic ladies appeals to me so much. your use of colour is exceptional, and you become more and more of an inspiration to me all the time.

    well done to you, for creating such original, thought provoking works:)

    1. Again Louise, thank you for your words here, I can’t even begin to describe what they mean to me. I believe this sort of feedback inspires me to paint even more, to push myself a little harder (even though these days I am so very busy)

      And you, you are always an inspiration to me. Thank you.

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