a few new things…

I am so excited to offer these cameos featuring mini prints of my paintings! There’s only three though, and here they are:

They are listed here

And I have been painting her (name forthcoming)…

A week or so when she’s dry I hope to make her into a new print. I am starting another one tonight. Hooray for days off and days (and late nights) of painting!

And yes (a few of you guessed in my previous post) the little plastic blue case is a sweet, sweet typewriter! ‘Twas a lucky find for three dollars at one of my favorite thrift shops.

My initial idea was to make an all-blue shelf and stash my blue book collection behind it. I wanted to display a birds nest on the type writer with robin eggs inside (because I know it is very unlikely I will use it much) but it won’t fit on my shelf, despite its small size.

Today was complete spring trickery! I went for two walks today through the woods with my spring jacket on. It was warm breezy with raindrops on and off, sun peeking through the clouds and going back in. I hope hope hope that it freezes over tomorrow because I bought a pair of ice skates yesterday. And how nice and smooth will the skating pond be after thawing and refreezing?!

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  1. Wow, your new painting looks so beautiful! I just love your faces, they are so sweet. Lovely cameos too! I envy your spring…we’re getting one warm day tomorrow and then its icky cold for days and days…

  2. Miss Sarah, your painting is breathtaking!! And your Cameos, just perfection!!! And, that typewriter, for a mere $3?? How wonderful!!! But, the fact that you get to ice skate on ponds, just makes me want to pack my bags and find my way there;)

    I ice skated my whole childhood…. But never on a pond!! Ohh yipppeeee!! Hope it freezes for you tooo!!!

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement! When I sit alone and do these things it can be, well, lonely! Thank goodness for my little space here to show it all (and yours!!!)
      And to make you feel better I did not get to ice skate yet. The pond was thawing the next morning. It went from a very busy (and magical) place to a mud hole overnight (Thanks to 45 degree weather)

  3. The face of your new painting is so pretty… can’t wait to see the finished piece!

    Score! on that typewriter!! My sister has a similar one my grandmother gave her years ago. And I have an old, old typewriter that I picked up for pennies a couple years ago. Old typewriters always make me smile–they are just so fun!! 🙂

  4. I absolutely love looking at your sketches! To me it’s like taking a peek at someones diary:) I once went to see a Matisse show that had some of his sketches…it was my favorite part. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Hello,

    My name is Cristina Clarimon and I am the director of Arthaus66 Gallery in Albuquerque. I recently came across some images of your artwork and I would like to invite you to submit your work for exhibition. I am so taken with your images and I do believe that they would be quite a perfect fit for our gallery.

    We are particularly interested in your Ships in Bluebird Cages and Fluttering Away, the first one being very reminiscent of the work of Remedios Varo. We would also like to feature some of your delicate cameos if there are any available. Both originals and prints are an option.

    I would be able to send you our standard contract upon your request. Please, let me know if you have any questions. We would be delighted to promote your work on our website and to have some of your pieces available at our gallery. If you want to find out more about us please visit http://www.arthaus66.com.

    Thank you.

    Cristina Clarimon

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