Warm tea…

All that is needed right now, cups and cups of it! Been sick and in s-l-o-w mode, and I have lots of things to post (a whole pile, oh dear). But in the grogginess of the morning I was so excited to see my name as one of the winners on Marmee’s Valentine’s drawing!

Must be the season but I am collecting vintage tea cups, I can imagine them delicately piled on my bookshelf… this one from last week:

My friends and I have been planning an elaborate outdoor tea party with little cakes, dresses and vintage hats, so I am longing for the warm weather. Right now we are in the middle of a snowstorm and it is so cold and blustery outside!
Green is and had always been my favorite color. But I find myself being drawn to all shades of blues for the time being. Maybe becasue I keep finding pretty blue things. I would like to fill an entire shelf with all things blue. A little pile of things from last week:

and I was looking for a whole year for a very certain treasure, found inside of this bright blue plastic case:

Resisting to look on ebay, I found it in real life last week. It’s a pretty shade of blue. Can you guess what it is? (I’ll have a picture soon!)

I like things with dead insects imbeded inside. I have a few little frames with butterflies mounted, their wings tattered from age. This paper weight has a giant creepy beetle inside. The peachy petals of the flower remind me of the tulle on a 1950’s prom dress I have packed away.

Yum cross-stitched birdie and an old post card with poppies.

Wishing I could get more done. On Sunday the sunshine was pouring into my tiny painting corner, and everything looked so untouched, which makes me very sad but hopeful at the same time. I have some new paints that I can’t wait to play with as soon as I am feelign better! Nothing feels better than new paints.

Oh, and I got this pretty vintage floral jumper dress on etsy. I just love the little white buttons on the shoulders and the bold floral print against the black. It reminds me of Frida, which remindes me of a certain exhibit which we are going to see soon. I was jumping for joy when I heard about this one, and what fun to visit Philly!

I have some more little cameos and lockets to post soon, and some sketches maybe.

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  1. Ooh things with dead bugs in them freak me out. I had a bad dream about beetles and other bugs last night. Your studio looks great, nice antique feel to it. I tried to get that going on in mine and even though that didnt work Im still really happy about how it came out. This place is way too new for much of that 🙂 Is that terarrium book any good?

    1. hehe as long as the dead bugs are enclosed in something…otherwise I am freaked out too! I long to find a butterfly specimen box.
      The book looks ok. Theres little illustrated 70’sish how-to drawings on it’s pages, which is the reason why I bought it. Will I ever get to making a terrarium, who knows.

  2. Oh, I too adore Frida as you know!! I wish I could go to that show!!

    My guess for the blue box is… a typewriter.

    Happy Valentine’s day! ((hugs))

    1. Well, I beleive that the show goes on til May! And its the first time in 15 years a show like this has been displayed for her.
      Yesyes! the box IS a typewriter, an adorable mini one, jumpjump!

  3. Your posts are always so lovely to read! Your wee painting nook looks as though it belongs in a small Edwardian flat in Bloomsbury. I also love your little rococo teacup – I am also a scavenger/collector of old tea cups (sometimes orphaned ones without their saucers) too and fully agree that it is (always) the season for collecting them. 🙂

  4. I love your collection of items, the colors in particular! I think that blue case is secretly hiding a typewriter. And your beautiful (and clean!) studio is the envy of all of us here in blogland.:)

  5. Thanks Christine! I am sooo into blue lately. And yes, the case is a typewriter. Will post a pic of it today (and another pic of the painting table in dissarray to show that it does get messy)

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