new year

a partial scan of an experiment…

I had fun painting this one and layering in things. My intention was to add textured ghost prints of antique lace such as in The Bear, Moth and Ghost Wolf. But when I tore up the lace it did not leave and imprint like it did in the previous piece….it just tore up the support paper and made a huge mess! I left the lace and imagined doing encaustic over the whole thing so I got out my wax…but after some research I discovered that encaustic waxes can not be done over acrylics. The piece ended with me deciding to put a thick layer of Golden gels over the entire painting, attempting to create a faux encaustic finish. Well, it turned out very plastic-y as a result of the yucky gels (which I can’t stand in the first place). I used gels previous to this but now they have lost my attention forever. I am happy becasue they have a terrible chemical smell anyways and they make my fingers itch. I am sticking with glue.

So where to go in 2008? My head is spinning with ideas (and I am literally spinning here in the playground, funfun!)

I love to paint detailed little scenes from concept sketches, but I also enjoy working more organically with collage more tactile materials such as papers and old lace. I would love to be able to fuse the two and create lots and lots of pieces in the new year. So now I am creating lists and doing little sketches. I am going to rework the painting above too, hopefully someday maybe.

Happy New Year!

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  1. This is such a creative and tactile piece- I love the lace embedded in your work- it brings in your other talents and delights (fabric, that is,). I do love where your work is going!! Happy New Year!!

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