The Bear, Moth and Ghost Wolf

I started this painting over a year and a half ago and I finally can call it complete. It’s changed and morphed over its lifespan and for me is very special (it’s going to be hung in my studio). It’s a ghost garden of sorts, and the woman and the wolf just might be from the same realm, it’s up to you to decide. One thing is for sure, the flowers are ghosts… they were created by pressing a century old piece of lace into the paint and slowly peeling it away. Bits of the cobweb lace are still lodged in the paint too. Texture gives me such satisfaction, and the fact I can replicate it in paint makes me very happy.

So here is is…The Bear, the Moth and the Ghost Wolf

prints are available in the shop

I am finally able to love my sketchbook to bits and not abandon it like ones in the past….tall figures, slightly distorted, shade of sepia, imprinting with found objects, lush textures, surreal objects and placements, a strange little winter garden…. more to come very soon.


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