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Just because…

I love to sketch and many strange things become of it…
Her hair is to be made of feathers.

(a teeny part of one of my whole-page doodles)

And I’ve decided to sell the original painting of Under the Cold Cold Ground in my Etsy shop sometime on Saturday. Please check back soon as I’ll post here first! And don’t worry if you miss it, mini prints will be available as well.

Under the Cold Cold Earth

Just a tiny painting to hold me over as I paint away on a larger piece. Under the Cold Cold Earth will soon be available as a mini print in my shop- 3″ by 5″, I think. I love silvery birch trees, especially in the winter. This piece is painted on my favorite sheet of rich, patterned paper mounted to a chunky 3″ by 5″ canvas, so the birch trees wrap around the sides. I think I’ll cover my sketchbook in the remaining scraps of paper.

Lovely Sunday, Etsy Finds

The wee hours of last night were spent exploring etsy and all of its wonders (and painting too, but more about that very soon!). There are so many beautiful things on etsy one would never ever have to step foot in a crowded mall again! And here they are… my faves, picked for their rich, earthy tones and lush textures.

I love this bag! It’s the When You Think Anthropologie Bag by Elsa Bags

I have had my eyes on the jewelry of Neile for some time. My favorite is The Monarch Butterfly Necklace a magical real butterfly wing captured in glass. And just in case you are concerned about this sort of thing, the artist states that her wing creations are cruelty free, taken after the butterfly has completed it’s lifecycle. I could imagine wearing this with a pretty vintage blouse in the dead of winter as a reminder of the warm weather ahead.

And another necklace, The Forest Fairytale Necklace by Aloha Dear. It would be so enchanting to dangle this beauty from ones neck!

In my never ending search for sepia-ish, earthy and textured vintage finery I came across the most beautiful 50’s skirt with pretty white rose embroidery at the hem. This one will be arriving at my doorstep very soon, to be worn with tights and lots of layers (as I don’t want to put it away til spring!)! Detail:

Purchased from Green Dragon Lady

Right now my little room is filled to the brim with patterned papers and splotches of paint. The sun poured into the windows and through my sheer curtains and I felt so grateful to have such a space to work. Today I went for a long walk in the cold and sipped warm coffee. This weather is my absolute favorite!

sweet sweet November

Last week I awoke to a very white morning. Against the still golden leaves the iciness was a visual feast! November is a beautiful month, early snowfalls are much appreciated. Going out of the house requires a warm and wooley knit scarf. And to make my neck even more fanciful I don this sweet sweet stitched necklace.

Found over the summer at a tag sale amongst cameos and other little trinkets…

November has brought about many new sketchies too! I am working on a little project called The Strange Little Winter Garden painting up a storm this evening. Here’s one sketch straight from the frosty, frosty garden…

And brrrr…it is cold here! Its putting me in the mood to snuggle up with my paints and create!

The Bear, Moth and Ghost Wolf

I started this painting over a year and a half ago and I finally can call it complete. It’s changed and morphed over its lifespan and for me is very special (it’s going to be hung in my studio). It’s a ghost garden of sorts, and the woman and the wolf just might be from the same realm, it’s up to you to decide. One thing is for sure, the flowers are ghosts… they were created by pressing a century old piece of lace into the paint and slowly peeling it away. Bits of the cobweb lace are still lodged in the paint too. Texture gives me such satisfaction, and the fact I can replicate it in paint makes me very happy.

So here is is…The Bear, the Moth and the Ghost Wolf

prints are available in the shop

I am finally able to love my sketchbook to bits and not abandon it like ones in the past….tall figures, slightly distorted, shade of sepia, imprinting with found objects, lush textures, surreal objects and placements, a strange little winter garden…. more to come very soon.

Pure Frostiness

I have been spending my time cutting up 100 year old fairy tale books and pretty new papers…

Don’t worry, the book was in shabby shape anyway. I’ve had it since high school and have been snipping at it ever since! I found it in an old farm house antique shop for a dollar.
Life is a dream with a cup of chai, a pair of scissors and a very warm sweater.

Despite the fact that it was 31 degrees on Sunday morning I set out for a brisk, frosty walk through the woods. It was such a joy to put on my woollen mittens, hat, scarf and a toasty coat. I love this time of year, the frost on the freshly fallen leaves is a delight. Despite all the cold the rosehips still shone their ruby reds and the blackbirds sang.

When I got home I went on a treasure hunt through my woollen textile basket and found this fuzzy embroidered dream, purchased last year at my favorite store.

Awaiting the first snowfall and quiet days.

Tell me, what are your wintery daydreams?

Welcome November!

The days are starting to be quite chilly! The leaves are blowing off the trees, leaving October behind. I have been in a slight state of hiding…

Things to occupy the time

♥ handwriting dreams, inspirations and art ideas in my sketchbook
♥ eating lots of peppermints
♥ playing in my art journals with fragments of lace, torn pages from old books and paint
♥ browsing in junk shops and finding the most whimsical things
♥ going through my stash of old fabrics and finding velvets and embroideries 100 years old
♥ working on a painting I started a year and a half ago…and taking it in a completely different direction!
♥ making little wool doo-dads for my shoes from felt and vintage buttons
♥ being excited about wearing lush, wintery layers of wool, corduroy and velvet…. and most of all, tights!
♥ being inspired by the wind and cold and spending lots of time outdoors

And here are some pictures of my recent endeavours…

found things and the most beautiful tidbit of velvet

my “new” vintage spectator shoes with an embelishment I made from 1940’s materials- buttons and fabric clipped from an old patchy quilt

my most favorite, softest skirt

found vinage tin with wonderful folksy winter designs

And I am absolutely thrilled I hit 100 sales in my esty shop the other day! Thanks to all of my customers who buy and support my art prints! I would not be motivated to do anything without you!