Under the Cold Cold Earth

Just a tiny painting to hold me over as I paint away on a larger piece. Under the Cold Cold Earth will soon be available as a mini print in my shop- 3″ by 5″, I think. I love silvery birch trees, especially in the winter. This piece is painted on my favorite sheet of rich, patterned paper mounted to a chunky 3″ by 5″ canvas, so the birch trees wrap around the sides. I think I’ll cover my sketchbook in the remaining scraps of paper.

11 replies on “Under the Cold Cold Earth”

  1. too beautiful, your paintings are always like the entryway to a peaceful dream, to me. a world that i long to belong to!
    i adore the little creature (a fox?) curled up with her…..like they are noth awaiting some sort of awakening.


  2. Thanks so much Christine!
    I love the paper so much…it came in a big ‘ole crisp sheet (and it wasnt the cheapest paper either) and yes it was hard to cut up! I love brown and black together, so its perfect.

  3. Hello Sarah,
    Of course white foxes exist (arctic foxes are beautiful wintery creatures – they change colour with the changing seasons – they’re brown during summer and white during winter).

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