New Things

Although I bought this antique desk for my sketching I often find myself on the floor. It is covered in a drop cloth so messes can be made without worry. Some new things to inspire~ pretty luggage, ship basket and blue cup (I have been very much into cobalt blue recently). Going to glue some papers and whatnot onto the ship’s sails. The basket is just so perfect, like a dream.

I have been scouring Etsy for vintage clothing. This dress was the purchase the other night from AlessiaC

Can’t wait til it arrives! I managed to a huge lot of vintage tights and I think it will look pretty with the red ones.

New chocolate-y patent shoes from ebay. Very vintage and they even came in their original, tattered box! The laces will be replaced with a faded, satin-y ribbon, I think.

And…THE plate (and some new yard sale goodies too)

So I have been busy sketching, and more paintings are on the way. I am going to do more work along the lines of these which are not quick paintings. These larger, detailed and layered works make me so happy. I have just as much fun coming up with the concept in my sketchbook and exploring the many layers of paint and paper as I do with the finished work. Here’s a piece of a litte sketch for the next one up (the sheep was a last-minute-throw-in but now the field will be scattered with them, I think). It’s going to be a little darker and colder than the others but I do think it will be my new favorite…

Have a good night!~*~*

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  1. Just stopping by and saying hello. Your blog is one of my very favorite places to come and browse. Thanks so much for sharing all of your beautiful treasures, sketches, and paintings. 🙂

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