little leaves

Yes indeed, the joy of searching for vintage clothes. It makes my head spin with excitement. I do need to post more of my finds….this outfit is entirely thrifted (including the tights!)

The other day I walked through a flock of blackbirds. What a joy it was to see their iridescent black feathers in contrast to the autumn leaves. When I walked past they all flew away and the sky turned completely black! Afterwards a black cat crossed my path carrying a little hunted meal. The scene was all-so-spooky and so fall-ish, I wish I had my camera.

So many happy things are happening here! I will spend the rest of the day sewing little goodies for myself, painting and working in my art journal. Going to the pumpkin patch tonight. I am going to put on a funny dress and get lost in a maze of corn. Have a happy, spooky Sunday.

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    1. Oh thanks! It was a lucky find from a yard sale in a box of treasures. I wish I had a pointy hat to go with it (although I don’t know if I would wear a hat like that out). Wouldnt that be nice?

  1. Oh yes, you did in fact just step out of a painting!!!! How wonderul! Love it, and thrifted tights. Perfect! Can’t wait to hear about the dress billowing in the pumpkin patch amogst the corn! 😉

    1. thanks!
      hehe, actually the tights are thrifted (they seem to be from the 70’s) but they were still in their package (I realize now how gross that sounds in the original post!)
      Have an enchanted evening!

  2. Your blog is looking beautiful as usual. You look like you just jumped out of one of your paintings….and I love those brown patent leather shoes. Pumpkins. Flowers. And oh my goodness…there is nothing like a flock of birds, black or otherwise, to make you fall in love with nature all over again!!! When I see birds swooping and swooshing in formation, I am usually in the car on my way somewhere, and it is so hard to tear myself away. They hipnotize me.

    Talk to you soon….

    1. Thanks so much! I have been awaiting those photos that you were going to send me (of the baby and of the prints!) I can’t wait!
      Well, hope you had a good time with your marms and I am off to check out your blog!

  3. im in love with that outfit, every thing about it just works so well for me, the colours, the contrasts, the hat!

    a lovely little post, intimate, autumnal and sweet:)
    great to see you too!

  4. Oh you lovely girl, tiptoeing in the moonlight!!! To live by the woods is a dream to me….. I was the lady in white….. In the deep desert, where big trees to exist…. But not like the woods…. 😉

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