Adorn thyself

Today I went thrifting and came home with the best bag of goodies (and I spent five dollars and eighty four cents, to be exact!). My main find was a dollish dress in the palest shade of yellow with a sheer dotted swiss overlay. The sleeves poof out under layers of polyester lace adorned with a silky black bow woven throughout. The best part is the tag, which reads “made with love by Edna”. I am going to clean it up and wear soon, maybe for halloween. I also bought A handful of pretty cameos and hand painted button earrings. There was a lot of earrings stashed in old boxes but they were all clip ons which made me very sad. I finally have a copy of The Secret Garden which I never read as a child. I can’t wait to curl up into a ball and read it this weekend. Speaking of goodies, I found some delicate jewelry pieces of etsy…

Matryoshka Doll Sterling Silver Necklace by Luxe Deluxe

There is a teeny-tiny sterling silver matryoshka doll inside this locket!

English Rose Earrings by Luxe Deluxe as well

And finally…

Victorian Cuff Bracelet by Kjoo*

So delicate! I would love to see it in all white, but I love this one too.

I am off to relax and unwind from the day with some tea.

5 replies on “Adorn thyself”

  1. Your thrifting finds sound delightful!! It sounds like you’ve found an Alice in Wonderland dress of sorts- nice!!
    I love this jewelry you’ve found on etsy too. The cuff is something I am going to look in to more closely. 😀

  2. Love love the victorian cuff…I have a beat-up copy of The Secret Garden with the Tasha Tudor illustrations in it. I love going through the books i loved as a child and getting lost in them again~

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