you can find me at the sea…

If the rainy weather had not arrived this morning, today would of been another trip down to the ocean. Last week was our first visit of the season. I had forgotten how the ocean and sandy beach can be so inspiring, calm and healing. The crowds had not arrived to our tiny seaside destination just yet and the beach was oh-so-barren.

But today, oh! the rain! Instead I took my little one treasure hunting and found some antique frames and other treasures. Now we sit at home listening to the rain go pitter-pat pitter-pat on the windows. Sometimes gray rainy days are almost as relaxing as sand and waves.

5 replies on “you can find me at the sea…”

  1. What a lovely place to visit! I would love to see the sea. But what I’d love more would be a little rain! Enjoy it! We are already hot and parched here. Sounds like a very cozy day!

  2. Dear Sarah! I am so glad to read blog posts from you again. I have followed your blog for a couple of years. And I have a beautiful print from your shop hanging on my wall. I find that your blog and your art are great sources of inspiration for me (I haven´t commented on your blog before because I didn´t have a blog of my own until this year). That place by the sea looks wonderful; I wish I was there 🙂

  3. Hello dear sweet you! here it has been so so much, but in a good way now. so much gardenwork and everything else in this little big big world of mine 🙂 really love your pictures her, you give me calm and I guess I should visit the ocean me too very soon and meet that feelings that I recognize so well. You know the ocean is only three houses down here, still I`m totally absorbed by our garden. but today it rains here too and I take time here. so happy you´re writing here again. please don´t stop*******


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