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Museum Visit

Raindrops have been falling and filling our days with adventures of the most watery kind. And then, yesterday it happened. Yesterday was warm and humid and dare I say sunshine-filled. And today is even better. But, on the topic of rainy day adventures (sometimes the best kind!) we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, then onto Central Park to show my son the Alice in Wonderland sculpture and the sailboat pond (and out of all of these he was most taken away by the ducks).

Exploring the museum with my son was inspiring (and a bit challenging as the hours passed) but I took lots of photographs for inspiration. Right now I am most inspired by beautiful hands from the 1800’s, subdued colors and a special medieval exhibit (of which they did not allow photographs). And today we are going to take a long woods walk at the park after lunch to celebrate the weather.

artist house

My Aunt Diana has the most beautiful antique farmhouse with the prettiest things. The are a household of artists and sailors and I think they combine the two very nicely! The other weekend she hosted the most amazing baby shower for my cousin Deirdre. The event was so beautiful I just had to share…

Nests and delicate little blue and white eggs were the theme. These found treasures were lined up on the white mantle (along with found sea shells, a ship painting overhead, crystal from the chandelier and a little pink bird perched above).

The kitchen has a giant blackboard and we doodled and wrote Deirdre messages.

A side table in the dining room was adorned for spring and baby! This just makes me long for spring!

For favors my Aunt Diana stitched up heart sachets stuffed with lavender and sewn with vintage buttons.

We ate yum carrot cake cupcakes. They were so pretty! And I am just noticing all those pretty antique books behind the cupcakes (I was a bit distracted at the time) on a folksy shelf my uncle crafted.

Just like a natural history museum. I snuck off during the present-opening to oogle over my aunts fantastic nest and egg collection, the best and biggest I’ve ever seen.

And another sweet corner from the house (that has me longing for the colors of spring)

And back on the home front…
Been busy sketching, preparing. Sunday painting clothes include old jeans, cardi’s and vintage aprons.

Wall behind desk (I am a bit obsessive about making tints from my favorite paints and swatching them out on paper for future reference). The painting with the girl and the gypsy cart was recently removed from my sketchbook (ouch!) and will be made into a print very soon. I wish I knew where the picture of the bobbed girl is from, she is a favorite.

Have a blissful, beautiful rest-of-the-week, all!


I am proud to announce that some of my prints are in the August PikaPackage!

Can you find me on here? I am #5..

For those that are not familiar with PikaLand and the PikaPackages… A PikaPackage is a monthly collection of goodies from illustrators and artists who sell their wares online, resulting in ONE or TWO free monthly PikaPackage giveaway to readers and the rest to be sold as a lucky dip package to spread the word about their fantastic art.

So this month there is a giveaway for a free Pika Package and you can purchase one in the Pikashop


wildflowers, wool and calico…favorite things and places

Mmmm…collected these yesterday, favorite things:

I want to thank the ever-inspiring Casey of Casey Brown Designs for her sweet mention of me as one of her blog favorites! Her blog is full of pretty vintage ideas, finds and favorite things. So in return I’ll pick some of my favorite artists places to visit that I’m not linked to, for a fun surprise…

1. Persisting Stars is stellar! I discovered Maddie’s blog through her photography on Etsy, Courage My Love. Her images are moving, and her blog is full of inspiring words and beautiful musings, I just love to read it as well as gaze at her images.

2. I absolutely love the paintings of Rebecca (I could stare at them forever the imagery is so detailed!) and her diary, Apple Crunch features her new work and snippets of her life in photos.

3. I like to visit Elsita’s Blog as she updates regularly with lots of new things. My favorite thing is her papercuts as they are delicate with outstanding imagery.

4. I have long checked out Rosey Little Things. Alicia is brimming with creative energy (and frequent updates) around her home and in her sewing, knitting, baking…(the list goes on). It makes for inspired nest-feathing!

5. Discovered the work of Camilla Engman on her Flickr some time ago and I have been in awe ever since! Her paintings, drawings and collages are some of my favorites.

Its a beautiful day to be inspired, summer is in its prime. Have a good day!


and what a beautiful and inspiring life she lived.