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  1. Oh, I hadn’t heard. That’s so sad–I’ve always been fascinated by her and her way of life. I still have her book of fairy tales that I grew up with and now I read the stories to my own daughter.

  2. I just learned this today….so sad. I did a little posting in her memory. She lived my dream and was such an inspiration! And now, I hope….she is back in the 1830’s as she wished to be.

  3. I am so glad you posted this. A friend of mine emailed me the day she died, and truly I felt one of the worlds treasures has left us. I ment to post, but somehow overlooked it. Tasha was a women who I deeply admired for her will to live just as she pleased!

  4. I will miss Tasha. She is such an inspiration to me in life and work. It was so comforting to think of her in Vermont in her little life. But yes, WHAT a life! She really lived it to the fullest and on her own terms.

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