gray day strawberry picking (with a few sunny spots too)

So many adventures as-of-recent! I am awakening from a long slumber (and hopefully this blog is too).

June begins the fruit picking season. Strawberries are first to ripen, then raspberries, peaches…

I took my little one to the orchard a few days ago. The day was gray with a few sunny spots and so perfect for being out in the strawberry fields. I’m not much of a sun person so when it peaks out from the clouds for brief moments I am most happy. The strawberries were just so red, plump, juicy and warm from their brief encounter with the sun’s rays. Most of the fields were full of delicate blossoms awaiting to grow into succulent berries.

By the time we left the field we were dappled in strawberry juice from head to toe (little one more so). And as soon as we arrived home I had this delicious cake baking in the oven. So perfect for early summer, with baked-in strawberries, it’s a nice change from classic strawberry shortcake.

And so it begins, onward with all of summer’s adventures!

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  1. Hi there! So happy to receive some words from you the other day and so happy to see you here! Have been some hard days for me, feeling sad, but now it´s on the way up. sickness in family and about time and why is my dearest relatives getting old? questions I don´t find answers too, just have to accept 🙂 Lovely pictures and thoughts as always! here it has been so so cold the last weeks. but it looks like it´s getting warmer next week. finally summer here?

    love Lycke

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