Monthly Archives: April 2010


Lately, I have been enjoying the spring very, very much!

I have been quiet here, yes….

I have exciting news to share.

I have been keeping this to myself for awhile here, but now it’s time to share…I am 23 weeks preggo! (or is it 24, I’ve lost track)

It’s not that I’m abandoning this blog and art and all that I do, but my postings and readings of blogs will be (more) sporatic. I have long weekdays…a lengthy commute, working all day and commuting home… I am doing all I can to keep my energies up. And doing a darn good job at it too!
Been taking some major time out to care for myself, spending most of my time outside on long medative walks, exercising, eating healthy yummy food, and blissing out a bit too. So, yep, that’s it!

March into April…

Already? I happily lost track of time. My computer has been in a perm “off” mode. Living and loving the outdoors.

And this

We saw Joanna Newsom at Town Hall. Surprisingly she was only playing one show in New York City, and somehow we managed to be seated front row. The show was breathtaking, an audience so silent and focused you could hear a pin drop. One of the most beautiful, inspiring concerts I’ve been to in awhile.