Lately, I have been enjoying the spring very, very much!

I have been quiet here, yes….

I have exciting news to share.

I have been keeping this to myself for awhile here, but now it’s time to share…I am 23 weeks preggo! (or is it 24, I’ve lost track)

It’s not that I’m abandoning this blog and art and all that I do, but my postings and readings of blogs will be (more) sporatic. I have long weekdays…a lengthy commute, working all day and commuting home… I am doing all I can to keep my energies up. And doing a darn good job at it too!
Been taking some major time out to care for myself, spending most of my time outside on long medative walks, exercising, eating healthy yummy food, and blissing out a bit too. So, yep, that’s it!

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  1. OH!! Congratulations!! I’m SO thrilled for you!! Beautiful news, indeed! : ) Do take care and be sure to rest and take it easy as much as you can!

    รขโ„ขยฅ Sending you many warm wishes and sweet, forest thoughts!

  2. Awww! congratulations little mama bird! That is sweet, sweet news ๐Ÿ™‚
    Goodness…I well remember the first few months of pregnancy and just how bone-tired I’d be. I’d come home, drop my bag, get in my pjs and be out like a light by 6 ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Then I got my entire office on my “I need to eat mexican food several times a week by 11 am” schedule, hahaha.

    Enjoy this time and just cherish every moment. These little ones are the best creations we’ll ever make– enjoy the process!

  3. Sarah,

    What wonderful news you’ve shared! There is no more miraculous, fantastic, incredible harder work,no better work, no more anxiety-driven, joy-filled other opportunity to create which is more astounding, confounding, perfect and imperfect, and all the while absolutely fulfilling.

    Remember there are no right answers. There is no perfect parent, no perfect child. There is only your take on your own family dynamic. Be prepared: you’ll make mistakes. Everyone does. Be ready to be awed by the simplest eyelash, a bug, a single dandelion seedpuff, the first time your eyes meet. You, as an artist, have a clear sense of all that is beautiful in nature, but trust me, your child will open your eyes to a world you’d all but forgotten. Get down on your knees and crawl around at their level. It is an incredible world, magical really.

    Be completely lost in the moment as much as possible. No moment spent in the world of your child is ever lost. Live through their unjaded perspective, but don’t lose sight of the beautiful person you are and have always been. Raise this child to ask why, and be ready for anything. Every single day is brand new…every second of the day in the world of a in yours as well.

    Some advice from an old sage: Keep track of when the baby is most active. That will most likely be close to the play schedule the baby has set for you..hee hee. Schedules are grand, but don’t sweat the small stuff. Regarding labour and birth: it is one day’s hard work, for a life of love that is immeasurable. If you have to make extra exit room for baby via an episiotomy, take the following advice to heart: get a sitz bath and allow yourself to soak. The doctors won’t tell you this, but any mom who is worth her salt will tell you, you’ll be more comfortable if you use a sitz bath.

    Here are the big ones, Sarah: SLEEP WHEN THE BABY SLEEPS! HOUSEWORK BOTH CAN AND WILL WAIT! Also, If you think all those baby books and advice from all those ‘experts’ are wrong about something, trust your gut instinct. You’re the mom, and you’ll know when you’re right.

    Talk and sing to the baby all the time. Your voice and your husbands will be familiar and comforting before the joyous arrival occurs. Quiet, after the birth is a good thing. That sweet babe has had a warm, soft, quiet home for the duration of early growth. Birth is a loud, bright, cold, jarring experience. Being able to snuggle in, have a warm meal, and a good rest in a quiet atmosphere is a great way to start.

    Make the experience your own This is your show, so you decide what you need and want around you in terms of comfort, music, art, etc. Attend the breathing classes, but realize that your body will know what to do. It is perfectly designed for this journey. Enjoy every minute of it. Truly, this is a miracle your experiencing.

    Don’t take a ton of stuff with you, and ask anyone sending flowers or gifts to send them to the house, not to the room. Getting home with all the baby goodies, gifts, clothes, diapers, won’t have enough room to squeeze into the car. Bring a pillow to sit on so your ride is cozy.

    Oh, if you can avoid it, keep visitors to a minuimum until you have your sea legs. Everyone is excited. Everyone wants to hold the wonderful new addition to the world. A baby gets tired and sore. They aren’t used to all that squeezing and playing and cooing in their face. You’ll all be exhausted from lack of sleep. It is more than okay to request that nobody make a surprise visit. It is more than okay to shut off the phones and sleep.

    Speaking of sleep, babies do this a lot, and can sleep through nearly anything. Do what you normally do. You need to know that your sleep is going to be interrupted, frequently, and for at least a few months. I’m working on twenty years at this point. I’ll let you know when I get a full night’s rest. ;~)

    Babies are noisy sleepers. They gurgle and squeak and rustle around as they learn they can stretch and move. They moved around inside, and they move around all the time once they make their entrance into the world. You’ll get used to the sounds, but don’t be surprised if you’re up all night for a few nights trying to figure out how one teensy tiny person can make so much noise. You won’t want to sleep anyway because you’ll be afraid you’ll miss some wonderful thing your child is doing. Please do sleep as often as possible. You will need to rest to be the best possible you. You’re allowed.

    Write about your experiences and feelings so you can share them with your child, take pictures, soak in the magic of this grand journey. Start a baby book, a story taylor made for your child, and a song to go with it. You’re an artist. Write and illustrtae your child’s first storybook.

    Above all, enjoy yourself completely! Eat healthy, but splurge if you want to have something yummy. Enjoy feeling round. It seemed to me that women are never more perfectly earthy, from their overall shape to their overall mood and connection to all things mother naature, than when they’re creating new life.

    To you and your husband, and to your newest and most fine creation, many wishes of peace and joy!


    p.s. When your child is two or three and all they want to eat is cheese bread, don’t freak child ever starved itself to death. Every phase is just that…

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