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  1. I love how you combine patterns – your outfits always inspire me. sometimes i forget where you are located, for some reason, as if you belong in some strangely lovely enchanted space, not quite a part of this time (this is good!). your art affects me this way, also.
    Im quite envious of your trash finds, too! I have never, ever found a rabbit in my refuse – why oh why oh why!??


    1. thanks Louise! I am thinking about posting more clothes, maybe. My passion is old, ratty and thrifted and floral things. Its amazing what a good bag sale and a sewing machine can do!

  2. That ribbon – or is it a scarf? – as a handle is such a GREAT idea! I hope you don’t mind but I may have to borrow that fashionable idea from you this Fall…it’s too stylish to resist! 🙂

    PS: I think you have a great personal style.

    1. Oh, its a handle that I sewed out of cotton fabric. It resembles a long sash, but I wrapped it around where the old handle was and tied a big bow. The tapestry bag is around 50 years old and its original woven handle ripped to shreds!
      Thanks Susanna.

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