rainy day, again

Have been working on cotton watercolor paper, a sketchbook of sorts. Playing out my little portraits in color, experimenting with the idea of softer….softer lines and maybe colors, sometimes. Definitely softer edges. The rough watercolor paper mimics the texture of the canvas of which I am working on today, and of which is stacked up hight next to my little painting table.
Sketchbook page…

And planning on writing and taking more pictures for here, of everyday things that I oogle over, pass by and also my sketchbooks and clothes, maybe? so…

This is a lovely garden shed (and New Englandish Cape Cod style home in the background) that I purposely walk by almost daily, down the street from where I live. The estate dates back to 1730. Oh my 1730!

There is an underground tunnel from the shed to the house. George Washington was a frequent visitor to this home. He used to strategize against the British with General Lafayette in this house. There is a rock in the basement that he used to sit on. And that rock is still there (of course!).

And it’s for sale.

But I just love the little shed.

There will be more jewelry soonish. I am working on some more fox pendants.

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  1. Oh! that little shed is sweet as pie! Wouldnt that make a dreamy art studio??? I cant fathom an estate that old….nothing like that around here, that’s for sure! Cant wait to see what you’re working on…

  2. You live in such a lovely neighborhood! Wow – I would love to be able to walk by that estate day after day. So very pretty. And your new painting does look intriguing! Best, Theresa

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